This project was completed

on November 19, 2013

JP/Roxbury/Dorchester Hubway

Boston, MA

The comment period for this project is closed.

Based on feedback from the initial proposed areas, Boston Bikes selected Hubway bike share sites. For each location there are 1-3 specific site options. Help identify the best option for a new stations and share your thoughts or concerns in the Community Forum.
Centre St
Green St T
2 options
Jackson Sq T
2 options
Egleston Sq
E. Cottage / Columbia / Mass Ave.
Forest Hills
2 options
Hyde Square
South St
Uphams Corner
3 options

*Final siting is subject to permitting. All locations will be reviewed by appropriate agencies. It is possible that one or more sites will not be installed due to permitting issues.


Initial Locations

Boston Bikes proposed initial areas for community feedback during a public comment period from May 16 to June 14, 2013. Based on this information, Boston Bikes identified site options for new Hubway bikes shares.
Mission Hill
Jamaica Pond
South-West JP
Green St
Uphams Corner
Columbus Ave
St. Joseph's Garden

*Proposed initial locations are not guaranteed stations.

What is Hubway?

Boston’s New Balance Hubway bike share program was launched in July 2011 with 60 stations and 600 bicycles. The system demonstrated Mayor Menino’s commitment to making Boston a world-class cycling city. Now in its third season, the system averages more than 2,000 trips per day. With sponsorship, grant money, advertising revenue, and user fees, this new form of transit requires no city subsidy.
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