Resilient Nashua Initiative

Help Nashua create safe, prepared, and interconnected neighborhoods resilient to all hazards.

Nashua, NH

Rockville Town Square

Rockville is alive with possibility. This public portal is a way for all of us to be part of a deeper discovery.

Rockville, MD

Rossville Blvd Action and Planning

Let's Build a Boulevard Together...One Block At A Time! We want to reimagine the Rossville Blvd corridor and it's extending neighborhoods.

Chattanooga, TN

South Orange Village Master Plan

Share your feedback to help shape our shared future in the first comprehensive Master Plan formally undertaken in South Orange in 40 years!

South Orange, NJ

South San Francisco PUC Site Development

A 5.9 acre site for housing and mixed use development in the El Camino Real/Chestnut Avenue Planning Area

South San Francisco, CA

West Campus Stormwater Improvement Project

MIT in collaboration with the City of Cambridge is installing a new stormwater drainage conveyance from Talbot Street to the Charles River.

Cambridge, MA

50 Rogers Street

50 Rogers Street will be a LEED Gold certified, six-story, 136 unit residential building at the gateway of Binney Street.

Cambridge, MA

McElwain School Apartments

A plan to create 57 high quality, mixed income apartments where residents can live near where they work, raise a family, and age in place.

Bridgewater, MA

Ohio City Economic Development Plan and Retail Strategy

Share your feedback here to help shape Ohio City Incorporated's Economic Development Plan and Retail Strategy.

Cleveland, OH

Innes Redevelopment

Live, Work and Grow - Innes Redevelopment is for Everyone. The Official Website for the Proposed Redevelopment of Innes Apartments.

Chelsea, MA

Main Library Campus

A public center for knowledge, culture, and ideas.

Boise, ID

Kendall Square(d)

The official site for Boston Properties' Residential and Commercial development projects in Kendall Square.

Cambridge, MA