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Update #7

Design Updates and Planning and Zoning Meeting on May 5.

We have been hard at work over the last month+ in preparation for our filing with the City of Asheville’s Planning and Zoning Commission. We submitted on April 16 and the public hearing will take place on May 5, 2021 at 5 pm. Check the City’s webpage for online meeting details. Here is a preview of what to expect:

  • Updated architectural treatments on buildings A, B, C, D and F. These changes draw on inspiration from pre-war architecture in the neighborhood. The goal is to provide a classic color palette, familiar building materials, and greater vitality at street level. We are continuing to develop the architectural details of the project.
  • We have committed to preserving the home at 134 Furman Avenue. It is currently two apartments that will be completely renovated and eventually sold as two condos for home ownership. Both homes will be sold as deed-restricted affordable for-sale homes for applicants making between 80-100% AMI. We will work with the City’s Community and Economic Development Department to identify potential qualified buyers at the appropriate time. 
  • Updated affordable housing offering: in addition to the two for-sale affordable homes on Furman, we are providing 16 affordable rental units with a deed restriction for 20 years. Six of the 16 affordable rental units will accept vouchers. We remain committed to providing new, quality affordable housing with this project and expect our offering to continue to evolve.
  • We are retaining three out of every four occupied housing units currently on the site.
  • Our public facing art program will focus on rotating building murals. One will be at grade adjacent to the Building A entrance lobby. The other will be 2-3 stories in height along the Chestnut Street facade of Building B.
  • We are increasing open space from roughly 1 acre to 1.3 acres. This was achieved by creating a 30’ planted buffer connecting to the Baird/Albemarle Place intersection with the center of our site.
  • Changes to our Charlotte Streetscape improvements. Those include:
  • Removing on-street parking on Charlotte Street from our previous proposal.
  • Creating a new 6-7’ wide bike lane with 3-4’ buffer from the current vehicular travel lane.
  • Softscape/pervious surface at the landscape amenity panel.
  • Slightly widened pedestrian and building zones totaling up to 25-26’ from a new curb location.
  • A transit stop and shelter are being offered as part of the improvements being proposed.

All these improvements as well as many others will be funded by the project if approved as proposed by City Council. We look forward to the Planning and Zoning Commission hearing and to any constructive feedback the community might have. See our revised plans here.