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Update #13

101 Charlotte Street and the Living Asheville Comprehensive Plan

When we embarked on planning the 101 Charlotte Street project we combed through various plans and studies to understand both what frameworks were in place and also what frameworks would guide the City of Asheville’s future. The Living Asheville Comprehensive Plan is perhaps the most visionary in its scale and scope of charting out where Asheville hopes to go as it continues to grow.

Within the Living Asheville Plan a path is identified for accommodating growth: “The Preferred Growth Scenario recommended in Living Asheville: A Comprehensive Plan for Our Future offers the city a unique opportunity to grow around its existing assets – its Downtown, its Innovation Districts, and its transit-supportive centers and corridors.” (pg 314) Of those areas identified for growth, the 101 Charlotte Project falls within one of four “innovation districts” as identified by the city. Those four districts are Downtown, South Slope, North Charlotte Street and the River Arts District.

The concept of bringing more housing and business opportunities to North Charlotte Street is in keeping with city identified goals for Innovation Districts and for the future land use along Charlotte Street which is Traditional Corridor. With regards to how zoning might evolve in these areas the plan says: “Appropriate zoning districts within the Traditional Corridor Future Land Use Category may include: RM6, RM8, RM16 . . . Institutional and Mixed-use Expansion Districts.” (pg 343)


The 101 Charlotte Street project therefore is seeking a conditional zoning designation of “Mixed-use Expansion District” for the project area along Charlotte Street as outlined in the Living Asheville Plan. We chose a conditional zoning approach because it allows for an aspirational project, rich in public benefits, on well-located land close to the city’s center. That goal for the site was not achievable under the base zoning code. Additionally, our project meets or exceeds many of the long-range goals outlined in the plan, making 101 Charlotte Street a forward-looking project for the next 100 years. Find this image at the bottom of our "Info" tab.