102 - 110 Savin Hill Avenue

Boston, MA
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9 Condominiums
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New Retail

1) a grocer like Foodies, or a scaled down version of Trader Joes/Whole Foods or some form of local produce and quick grocery items. 2)El Pelon (locations in Chestnut Hill and Fenway, authentic fast casual... Read more

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These are some of the very things I was thinking of, as well! We do need a convenience store around here too.

Unfortunately, we do not have the square footage available to attract a Trader Joe's; however, we would like to know exactly what everyone likes about Trader Joe's so we can incorporate those features... Read more

Parking & traffic idea

I don't care about parking. I think we should be encouraging people to use public transportation.

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and educating abutters about current statistics on parking needs per household and how each developer and landlord can work with the city to encourage public transportation options over f/t private cars... Read more

I agree, having NO parking spaces would make the property nicer for its new residents, for the abutters, and for the neighborhood. Green space and bike racks instead!

New Retail

As a person without a car, the services this will provide (that I will walk to mind you) are badly needed. I can think of few areas by T stops that are as badly serviced at the Savin Hill stop.

Parking & traffic idea

Since the location is right by the T it seems counterproductive to try to encourage more traffic and unnecessary car trips by adding a lot of parking.

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We appreciate your perspective and agree; however, we are trying to balance the transit oriented nature of the proposed development with the desire of some community members to ensure adequate parking... Read more

I agree with you...and thought the whole point of development targeted near transport hub was to serve people willing or needing to NOT have f/t access to a car

Exactly noni! Adding lots of parking defeats the purpose of building it next to the T!

Trader Joe's builds "too little" parking on purpose. People deal with it. See the Coolidge Corner location -- if parking is always a hassle, more people will walk. https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2016/3/16/trader-joes

Parking & traffic idea

No parking. More retail/residential square footage.

New Retail

2 comments: 1. Dorchester in general seems like a bit of a food desert. The nearest large grocery store to the Savin Hill stop is a long walk for those without a car. It would be nice to see additional... Read more

New Retail

This would be a great addition to the neighborhood! I would love to see a small grocery/prepared foods store. Trying to get to Shaws on Morrisey blvd is not easy from our neighborhood. I would love to... Read more

New Retail

Would love to see a grocery store stacked with fresh produce, staples and a variety of fresh baked goods (breads & pastry) Evening and weekend hours would be great and I'd definitely choose to do most... Read more

New Retail

I think you should have this survey in multiple languages as this is a very diverse neighborhood. In addition, please consider offline options for filling out this survey so people who don't have access... Read more

New Retail

Reasonably priced but healthy and interesting and imaginative food: eat-in or take out. Good Mexican, good salads, etc. Wine bar and/or beer place. Good coffee. Grocery - dairy, fruit, vegetable especially.... Read more

coUrbanizer via Text

What businesses would you like to see here?

Hi! I'd like to see a Farmer's market, or an organic grocery store in savin hill

New Retail

A grocery store with fresh produce, fresh bread, wine and locally sourced meats and fish would be great. No need for extra parking if it is going to be a small but specialized neighborhood grocer.

Parking & traffic idea

12 spots? I head read somewhere that only 5 were being offered. Not sure how I feel about large amounts of parking here. This is supposed to be a neighborhood grocery, not one for people to drive in from... Read more

New Retail

Groceries and prepared foods would be a real boon to the neighborhood. I would definitely patronize a store where I could pick up essentials like milk, but also a spot where I could get a take-away sandwich.

Streetscape improvement idea

Keeping the sidewalk wide (as is), bike parking options, a few small trees around the space.

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We are working with BPDA (the former BRA) to make sure the sidewalk and bike areas work. We want the area to be inviting and comfortable for all neighborhood residents.

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