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What do you want to see most in the revamped Glendale Park?

Reduced overgrowth/better landscaping!

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I believe that the first priority should be to clean up the overgrowth, get rid of trash/poison ivy, etc., but largely leave the park as is, an open space for passive recreation. The picnic area could... Read more...

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Daniel, thanks for the input. The operations and maintenance are a key piece of the planning for the future of Glendale Park, and will be done in conjunction with the redevelopment. In the meantime, we... Read more...

I agree with Daniel, leave the park as is and work to reduce the overgrowth.

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I agree that the park is a real focal point for the area especially those who are immediate abutters to the park. I would like to see that the park has improved landscape with a few more trees planted... Read more...