Project Update

After initial meetings with neighbors, FoxRock has spent the last three months revising the plans based on what we heard from the neighbors and the larger Quincy community. We look forward to sharing the program and design changes, and will be hosting a HHNA Site Committee on April 3rd, with a community open house to follow. Details to come.

114 Whitwell Meeting Schedule:

10/31 - Site walk to review project's concerns. Open to all.

11/7 - 2nd Site walk

11/14 - 3rd Site Walk

11/14 - Meeting at Neighborhood Club with HHNA Hospital Committee members and all abutters

12/19 - Meeting at Neigh. Club with HHNA Hospital Committee

2/11 - Project update with some (4) members of HHNA Hospital Committee

NO MEETING: Planning Board Meeting for 114 Whitwell

THERE WILL BE NO HEARING for the 114 Whitwell Street project on Wednesday, December 5th.  We will post more information and a schedule of next meetings as soon as they are confirmed.  

Planning Board Submission

FoxRock Properties acquired the former Quincy Medical Center in December 2016 because we wanted to play a role in Quincy’s evolution into a world-class city with an unmatched quality-of-life. We have tried to be as thoughtful as possible in our efforts to evaluate and redevelop this underutilized property.

In December 2017, with the support of the Hospital Hill Neighborhood Association, the City Council passed a zoning Ordinance to guide the redevelopment of the site. We have devoted the last ten months to diligently advancing our plans and designing the best possible community within the constraints of that Ordinance. We are very proud of the final design. We feel it is the highest and best use for the next chapter of this iconic property. We are pleased to be able to offer our neighbors and the community at large the much needed and overdue clarity that these plans provide. 


The design submission package illustrates a 15-acre residential campus consisting of 598 rental units and 9.5 acres of green space including an enhanced Glendale Park. The focal point of the campus will be the historic Quincy Hospital Administration Building which will be restored and repurposed. We made it a priority to ensure that the Administration Building will also be the tallest building on the site. This campus, newly branded ‘The Hill’, will be a national model for responsible, transit-oriented planning and redevelopment.

We anticipate starting construction in 2019. This will be a phased development given Steward Health Care’s continued occupancy of a portion of the existing buildings. We are confident that ‘The Hill’ will become a vibrant community of both new and existing Quincy residents, enhancing the value of the surrounding neighborhood and contributing to the prosperity of the City of Quincy.


We believe there is a great future for modern medical care in Quincy. This belief is strengthened by years of conversations with medical providers, city planners, and residents. The former Quincy Medical Center, however, is incapable of meeting the demands of modern medical providers. To this end, we are working diligently on a medical real estate solution in Quincy Center.

Building on the leadership of Mayor Thomas Koch and the City Council, who have paved the way for transformative commercial development in Quincy Center, FoxRock has invested over $11M in properties in Quincy Center and expended over $2M on planning and marketing to further those efforts. Our redevelopment initiatives will continue in Quincy Center in 2019, with the goal of creating a first-class modern medical facility.

We look forward to the Planning Board meeting on October 24th and continuing to work cooperatively with all concerned stakeholders.  

The Planning Board submission is available for download here: Civil & Landscape, Architecture and Narrative.

Planning Board Business Meeting: Wednesday, September 5th

At the invitation of the Quincy Planning Board and as part of the City's development process, the 114 Whitwell Street project will be a New Business item on the September 5th Planning Board agenda. A Pre Application Meeting is intended to provide the Board with a preview of the 114 Whitwell project before it is submitted, akin to the presentation given at the Neighborhood Meeting on July 24th.

A Pre Application Meeting is not to be confused with a Public Hearing. The 114 Whitwell Street Site Plan application is still in progress and has not been submitted. Once the proposed Site Plan application has been finalized and submitted to the Planning Board, a Public Hearing will be announced and advertised. All Planning Board meetings are open to the public, and opportunity for public comment will be during the Public Hearing(s). Any presentation materials for the 9/5 meeting will be posted on following the meeting.

Updated: Presentation from 9/5 Planning Board Preview

NO MEETING: 114 Whitwell withdrawn from August 1st Planning Board agenda

A "Notice of Public Hearing" for the August 1st Quincy Planning Board was sent out to abutters of 114 Whitwell and published in the 7/28 and 7/25 editions of the Patriot Ledger.

That notice was prepared prior to a schedule change with the Quincy Planning Department. THERE WILL BE NO HEARING for the 114 Whitwell Street project on Wednesday August 1st.

Our initial application has been withdrawn until a new application with the additional information requested by the Planning Department has been prepared.

We apologize for any confusion, and we will post more information and a schedule of next meetings as soon as they are confirmed.

RESCHEDULED: Neighborhood Meeting for 114 Whitwell now on Tuesday July 24th

***UPDATE: Given feedback and scheduling challenges we have elected to postpone this meeting by a week, and host it on Tuesday the 24th of July.***

Ward Five City Councillor Kirsten Hughes will be hosting a Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, July 24th at 6:00PM in the Central Middle School Auditorium at 875 Hancock Street. The purpose of this meeting is to present FoxRock Properties' master plan for the redevelopment of 114 Whitwell Street. Representatives from FoxRock and the Mayor's office will be in attendance to walk through the plan and address questions and concerns. 

Presentation from July 24th Neighborhood Meeting

"Goatscaping" To Commence In Glendale Park On Friday June 29th

One of the key takeaways from the Glendale Park Task Force meetings and online comments was the desire to see reduced overgrowth in the park. Thanks to an idea suggested at a Task Force meeting, we are experimenting with "goatscaping" as an initial measure to combat poison ivy and overgrowth in Glendale Park.

An eco-friendly alternative to pesticides, a herd of goats from The Goatscaping Company in Duxbury will be deployed in a fenced enclosure on-site starting this Friday, June 29th. This effort to make immediate-improvements during the planning process is a first step, and we hope will be an effective (and fun!) experiment.

Please help us make this a success by observing the following, which will be posted on signs in the park and around the enclosure:

  1. The enclosure fence is ELECTRICFIED, so please do not touch
  2. Do Not Feed The Goats
  3. Please Keep Dogs On-Leash

Contact us with any questions: 617-249-1415 or

Traffic Count Cameras and Pneumatic Road Tubes

(Photo via Jalopnik)

Back in April of 2018 we received a number of inquiries from the neighborhood about the presence of traffic counting cameras and pneumatic road tubes in the area surrounding 114 Whitwell Street.

In the coming weeks some additional traffic data collection will be completed on behalf of FoxRock Properties by Tetra Tech, our civil engineering consultant. Here's the communication that went to the City of Quincy, which we wanted to be sure was shared with the neighborhood to avoid any similar confusion:

"On behalf of our Client, FoxRock Properties, Tetra Tech is planning to collect supplemental traffic count data in the project area next week. Our count vendor, PDI (Precision Data Industries), will be using a combination of traffic count cameras and roadway tubes to collect the data. We wanted to make you aware should the City receive any calls from local residents inquiring about the count equipment."

For more on the technology, and to answer the question "What are those weird black tubes in my street for?," here's a great article from the website Jalopnik: "Here's What Those Weird Black Tubes In The Road Are For."

Cleaner, Greener Quincy – Clean-up Day in Glendale Park

Thank you to everyone who turned out on Saturday 5/5 for the City of Quincy's 29th Annual Cleaner, Greener Quincy day. FoxRock was pleased to participate in our 2nd, joining the Hospital Hill Neighborhood Association for a beautiful spring morning. The strip along Glendale Road by the south-east end of the park got a nice clean-up, and many, many landscape bags and trash bags were filled!

Presentation & Notes from Meeting #3 of the Glendale Park Task Force

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 3rd meeting of the Glendale Park Task Force on Tuesday, May 1st. The weather finally cooperated and we held the meeting at the picnic tables in Glendale Park.

Kaki Martin of Klopfer Martin Design Group facilitated the 2nd meeting, and everyone is welcome to view the presentation slides that were prepared but not shared at the meeting given that we were outdoors. The map that was shared at the meeting is included, as well as the slides from Meeting #2 for those who weren't able to attend.

Much of Meeting #3 was discussing the immediate clean-up improvements that could be made during Cleaner, Greener Quincy. The group settled on cleaning up alongside

Inappropriate Activity in Glendale Park - Please Contact Us!

Thanks to the observation and communication of our neighbors we learned of a recent incident in Glendale Park where an intoxicated person was removed from the Park property by the Quincy Police Department. During the course of our neighborhood meetings we have heard stories of past inappropriate behavior, and found evidence (beer cans, etc.) during clean up days.

>> Please report any inappropriate activity 24/7 by calling FoxRock at 1-855-369-7625 or emailing <<

As stated during the planning process in 2017, FoxRock is committed to maintaining the Glendale Park as publicly accessibly Open Space. The initial Glendale Park Task Force meetings have further informed the future design, operations, and maintenance of the park and we have taken those recommendations into the master planning process. Future meetings will be announced here on the website and via email.

In addition to the long-term planning, we can take immediate steps to ensure safety in the park. Next week we will hang new signs on the fence establishing some simple rules/expectations for behavior in the park. Below is the language we have sent off to our sign company.

Thank you to our neighbors for staying in touch about any issues/concerns, and to the Quincy Police Department for their continued vigilance and enforcement. As always, please be in touch with any questions.


Welcome to Glendale Park

This property is owned and maintained by FoxRock Properties and is provided for the enjoyment and recreation of neighborhood residents. 

To ensure the park’s safe and successful operation, please respect and adhere to the following rules:

  1. The park is open from Dawn to Dusk – NO park usage is permitted after dark.
  2. Pets are welcome on-leash. Please pick up after your pets.
  3. No loud or disruptive behavior. 
  4. No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  5. No loitering.
  6. No littering – please use the trash barrel provided.

Please be respectful of all neighbors who reside around the Glendale Park Area. Quincy Police and company security take notice. 

Please contact FoxRock at 1-855-369-7625. In case of emergency call 911.


Presentation & Notes from Meeting #2 of the Glendale Park Task Force

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2nd meeting of the Glendale Park Task Force on Tuesday, April 17th. We had a smaller turnout due to school vacation week, and agreed to send out a reminder email in advance of Meeting #3.

Kaki Martin of Klopfer Martin Design Group facilitated the 2nd meeting, and everyone is welcome to view the presentation slides that she put together. Here are some high-level notes from the meeting, and we welcome further input in the comments section.

Feedback on Desired Uses:

  • Add sidewalk in front of park (along Glendale) to increase walkability and connect sidewalk to the north and south
  • Traffic slowing strategy on Glendale? Raised table? Crosswalk?
  • Discussion about light-touch options, keeping park the way it is
  • Some discussion about whether or not a playground would be appropriate. Comment that previous playground equipment was almost 30 years ago, so maybe things have changed.
  • Also acknowledgement that there is a playground on Whitwell and that it may not be desirable to make a destination space here.
  • Comment about avoiding redundancy of amenities in the neighborhood/other parks in Quincy
  • Discussion about how the wooded area is already a different sort of play space for children to explore. Natural playground at Dexter-Southfield School suggested as an example to investigate.


  • Reminders about meetings would be helpful
  • Lighting seen as important for safety. Preference for lower lights voiced– concern about blockage by snow raised.

Ideas/Feedback On Cleaner, Greener Quincy Options:

  • Goal of deciding activity for May 5th, to be finalized at next meeting on May 1st
  • Options of areas to focus on, which were discussed before: southeast corner along Glendale, alignment of a path to Colonial, or trash pickup throughout
  • Clean-up of the south end of wooded area near Physical Plant to be addressed by FoxRock

Presentation & Notes from Meeting #1 of the Glendale Park Task Force

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the first meeting of the Glendale Park Task Force on Tuesday, April 3rd. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for a tour of the Park, but we had a productive and constructive meeting at the Neighborhood Club of Quincy.

Kaki Martin of Klopfer Martin Design Group facilitated the meeting, and everyone is welcome to view the presentation slides that she put together. Here are some high-level notes from the meeting, and we welcome further input in the comments section.

Feedback on Current Uses:

  • Space mostly used as a dog park (off leash)
  • Park empty most of the time
  • Picnic tables used by dog walkers
  • Sledding this winter!
  • Montessori uses it in good weather 
  • Kids use it to play catch
  • Cut-through from Colonial Drive to Downtown/T

Feedback on Desired Uses:

  • Desire to prevent/deter risky behavior: keep park safe – lighting, clear sight lines
  • Keep it simple/low impact – ‘park’ in flatter space and wooded on slope
  • Path/trail system (ADA compliance?)
  • Block Party, Halloween Party
  • Bad experience with play space in the past and don’t seem to want to revisit it
  • Encourage ‘good’ tree
  • Clear out scruffy understory – goats?


  • Kids drinking in the park, homeless sleeping in the park (worse historically)
  • Safety: parked cars in front of park
  • Views from Monroe Road
  • Trees falling on people
  • Dumping from Neighborhood Club on park site
  • Safe pedestrian connectivity from Colonial to Glendale (route to T) 

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Boston Globe: Planning Board will vet hospital site plans

Read the full Boston Globe article

The Quincy City Council has shifted the power to approve or deny redevelopment plans for the Quincy Medical Center site to the city’s Planning Board, and also lowered the density of units allowed at the site and the height of the buildings. The change was initiated by City Council President Kirsten Hughes, whose district includes the hospital site at 114 Whitwell St., and was given unanimous support by the Planning Board and the blessing of the Hospital Hill Neighborhood Association.

Patriot Ledger: City limits size of Quincy Medical Center developments

Read the full Patriot Ledger Article

The city council on Monday night reduced the size of possible developments at the former Quincy Medical Center site, and took the decision to vote on it out of its own hands. The proposal from Ward 5 councilor Kirsten Hughes passed, 7-2, with the support of the local neighborhood association and the developer.

City Council Approved PUD Amendment (2017-189)


The Quincy City Council approved Council Order 2018-189, an amendment to the PUD district that limits the height and density of 114 Whitwell street, and requires a minimum of 20% open space.

Boston Globe: Developer mulling housing for hospital campus


Read the full Boston Globe article

FoxRock Properties is considering residential uses for the site of the former Quincy Medical Center, with one option that would put 1,000 units there, including some for assisted living, a company official said.

Community Meeting - PUD Amendment - Presentation


The Final presentation by FoxRock Properties from the Community Meeting on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 hosted by Ward 5 Quincy City Councilor Kirsten Hughes. The presentation is available for download here.

Patriot Ledger: Few answers on former Quincy Medical Center property


Read the full Patriot Ledger Article

The owners of the former Quincy Medical Center property are leaning toward keeping the iconic front building of the site, knocking down some of the other buildings and making some space for senior living.

Boston Globe: Former medical center site said to have no takers


Read the full Boston Globe article

Boston-area health care providers have not shown interest in locating their operations at the former Quincy Medical Center site, according to its owner, who had hoped to have a reuse plan for the property before the end of the year.

Patriot Ledger: Residents seek answers about former Quincy Medical property


Read the full Patriot Ledger Article

Will the former Quincy Medical Center property be home to a hospital again? Who’s going to be renting the property? Will the site be used for apartments? Those were some of the many questions Quincy residents asked representatives of FoxRock Properties at a community meeting Tuesday night. FoxRock bought the former hospital site at 114 Whitwell St. last month.

Initial Neighborhood Meeting Presentation


The presentation from the first Neighborhood Meeting (1/10/2017) is available here for download for those who were unable to attend the meeting.

Patriot Ledger: What’s next for the Quincy Medical Center property?


Read the full Patriot Ledger Article

Residents curious about what will be next for the former Quincy Medical Center property can attend a community meeting hosted by city councilors and the new owners Tuesday evening.

FoxRock Properties, which bought the the 15-acre property old hospital site at 114 Whitwell St. from Steward Health Care last month, will have representatives at a meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday night in Central Middle School at 875 Hancock St.

Boston Globe: Former Quincy hospital site sold to developer


Read the full Boston Globe Article

A Quincy commercial real estate firm has bought the 15-acre Quincy Medical Center, two years after its previous owner, Steward Health Care, shut down all but the hospital’s emergency room.

FoxRock Properties Acquires 114 Whitwell Street, Quincy


QUINCY, MA – FoxRock Properties, a Quincy-based commercial real estate firm that develops first-class work environments throughout Massachusetts’ South Shore, today announced that it has acquired the former Quincy Medical Center property located at 114 Whitwell Street with a commitment to pursuing medical related uses. FoxRock has also been designated as the developer of the former Ross Parking Garage parcel at 1 Parkingway.

The transaction follows Steward Health Care’s decision in 2014 to discontinue operation of the hospital, and their subsequent decision earlier this year to place the property on the market for strategic reuse opportunities. FoxRock plans to work in collaboration with local officials, the neighborhood and other City stakeholders to determine the best future for the property, with a commitment to pursuing medical-related uses.

In connection with its acquisition of the Whitwell Street property, FoxRock has entered into a five-year lease with the Steward Satellite Emergency Facility to continue providing Emergency Room services to the community at the property.

The purchase, announced jointly with Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch, also includes an agreement that will give FoxRock the opportunity to develop a major city-owned parcel in the area of the former Ross Parking Garage in the heart of Quincy’s downtown. The designation of FoxRock as the developer for the Ross parcel is part of the City’s framework for public-private partnerships in the ongoing Quincy Center revitalization efforts.

“This is an incredibly important moment for the future of both the Quincy Medical Center property and our downtown. FoxRock has the vision, experience and commitment to this community to bring appropriate medical uses to Whitwell Street and major commercial development to the downtown,” said Mayor Koch. “I am looking forward to working closely with their team, our City Council, and the community on unlocking the potential at both sites.”

FoxRock aims to initiate a cooperative redevelopment process for 114 Whitwell Street that welcomes input from the general public as the firm considers the most appropriate, effective, and productive use for the site moving forward. With that in mind, FoxRock has established a website at in order to facilitate ongoing communication with the community about the property.

“There’s a lot of positive change and redevelopment already underway in the city. We are excited about the opportunity to play a part in that, and continue FoxRock’s commitment to community-oriented commercial development in the South Shore, “ said Chris Reale, of FoxRock. "As a local company, we feel a responsibility to ensure the next chapter for 114 Whitwell Street focuses first and foremost on meeting the needs of our community.”

Located approximately half a mile from the Quincy Center MBTA, 114 Whitwell Street is a 14.9-acre property situated atop President’s Hill, within a thriving neighborhood that continues to benefit from ongoing revitalization efforts. The acquisition of this site follows the City Council’s recent approval of the amended Quincy Center Urban Revitalization District Plan outlining a roadmap for public infrastructure improvements and private investment and redevelopment efforts downtown.


About FoxRock Properties

FoxRock Properties was founded more than a decade ago with an overarching mission to deliver first-class work environments that drive economic development and community services throughout Boston’s South Shore. The FoxRock team has developed a diverse portfolio of properties comprising over 2 million sq. ft. of medical, office, educational, and industrial space. To learn more about FoxRock, visit

Scott Dragos, Executive Vice President at Colliers International, represented Steward Health Care in the transaction.

News: Quincy hospital property sold in major deal with downtown implication


Read the full Patriot Ledger Article

The sale of the former Quincy Medical Center property is part of what’s essentially a three-way deal involving FoxRock Properties, Steward Health Care and the city of Quincy, which legally holds a future interest in the former hospital site. Steward abruptly closed the 124-year-old, 196-bed acute-care hospital two years ago, leaving behind a satellite emergency room that has remained opened.