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Update #19

Inappropriate Activity in Glendale Park - Please Contact Us!

Thanks to the observation and communication of our neighbors we learned of a recent incident in Glendale Park where an intoxicated person was removed from the Park property by the Quincy Police Department. During the course of our neighborhood meetings we have heard stories of past inappropriate behavior, and found evidence (beer cans, etc.) during clean up days.

>> Please report any inappropriate activity 24/7 by calling FoxRock at 1-855-369-7625 or emailing <<

As stated during the planning process in 2017, FoxRock is committed to maintaining the Glendale Park as publicly accessibly Open Space. The initial Glendale Park Task Force meetings have further informed the future design, operations, and maintenance of the park and we have taken those recommendations into the master planning process. Future meetings will be announced here on the website and via email.

In addition to the long-term planning, we can take immediate steps to ensure safety in the park. Next week we will hang new signs on the fence establishing some simple rules/expectations for behavior in the park. Below is the language we have sent off to our sign company.

Thank you to our neighbors for staying in touch about any issues/concerns, and to the Quincy Police Department for their continued vigilance and enforcement. As always, please be in touch with any questions.


Welcome to Glendale Park

This property is owned and maintained by FoxRock Properties and is provided for the enjoyment and recreation of neighborhood residents. 

To ensure the park’s safe and successful operation, please respect and adhere to the following rules:

  1. The park is open from Dawn to Dusk – NO park usage is permitted after dark.
  2. Pets are welcome on-leash. Please pick up after your pets.
  3. No loud or disruptive behavior. 
  4. No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  5. No loitering.
  6. No littering – please use the trash barrel provided.

Please be respectful of all neighbors who reside around the Glendale Park Area. Quincy Police and company security take notice. 

Please contact FoxRock at 1-855-369-7625. In case of emergency call 911.