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Phase Community Review
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The Project

EastBanc is transforming the office building at 1250 U Street into an innovative mixed-use development with residential, neighborhood retail and, potentially, small boutique hotel component. The proposed redevelopment will bring retail, public art, affordable housing, and streetscape improvements to the U Street corridor.

What's There Now

The site is currently an office building, two row homes, and vacant alley lots behind.

Happening Next

The project team has submitted its Planned Unit Development (PUD) application with the Zoning Commission, as of August 2022.

We anticipate the PUD process proceeding as such:

  • We submitted our application to the Zoning Commission on August 19.
  • Once filed, the Office of Planning (OP) will review the application and file a “setdown report” with initial feedback. The ANC is permitted to file a setdown recommendation/form as well.
  • Mid to Late October 2022: Approximately 6-8 weeks following application submission, we anticipate having a setdown meeting with the Zoning Commission, where they will discuss the application and determine whether our application should be setdown for a public hearing.
  • Following the Zoning Commission’s determination to setdown the application, we will file a pre-hearing submission to respond to feedback in the OP report and heard in the setdown meeting.
  • February or March 2023: Approximately 4 months after filing our prehearing submission, we anticipate that the Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on our PUD application.
  • If all goes well, the Zoning Commission could take... Read more...