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The documents don't state the size of the apartments like square footage and how many bathrooms bedrooms etc. The lot is currently mostly permeable; rainwater is absorbed. The new plans are not!

UGLY! There is too much housing (is any of it really affordable?) and not enough commercial. I'd like to se the real facade with all the utilities, vents etc. drawn in - not the pretty renderings! There... Read more...

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cathy, these are great points! It just doesn't look historic and I thought that was at least one of the criteria for this form base code fee giveaway.

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Whom does this project benefit?

I'm confused about the form based code. Thought that the fee discounts were if the building had a historic look. Sorry but this looks like a giant square with a slightly tapered roof and one kinda gable... Read more...

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Boy, This really captures the charm of a quaint New England downtown. Looks like something from Route 9 in Shrewsbury.

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Ashland can do better

128 Main presents a golden opportunity to improve the downtown vista. Let's not squander it by approving an undistinguished, irrelevant design. Why not a structure that reflects the character of Town... Read more...

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Project not in keeping with the area blocks cemetary

This project is not in keeping with the area. It lacks greenspace, is too tall for the location, workable parking, creates traffic problems, creates unsafe condition near a day care, blocks visibility... Read more...

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Mask the Parking

I support the intensification of this downtown parcel. My primary concern rests with the aesthetics of the parking lot. Would it be possible to install garage doors to cover the entrances? As it stands,... Read more...

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Proximity to sidewalk

A great addition to downtown, however the placement of the building right on the sidewalk is a concern. There is 0 landscaped space in the entire development for any trees, grass etc. Having the building... Read more...

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I agree with the set-back. The lack of green space does not bother me as much, due to the proximity of Open Space. But there should be at least space for bushes in front of the building.

main picture

can you please replace the main picture on the page so we can see the new look? thanks, Julie

Upgraded design?

Hi, I can't seem to tell how many apartments are in the new floor plan, but it looks similar in scope. Front facade is a little better. Keep working on it to make it more new england looking. It still... Read more...

Can't find the new files.

Where are the new files?

on this page? I am looking at the old building design and from there where is it, up, right? thanks

Click on the Info tab, and they are the two bottom files under the Info & Plans section. They are called Building Footprint 10.25.17 and Facade 10.25.17.

Definitive improvement with lower level brick and siding versus stone and also addition sidewalk space under the upper floors, won't feel as crowded. any reason the carports don't have garage doors to... Read more...

Can they also provide a rendering of what the screening will look like between this site and the church? Looks like panel fencing on the back half of the site, but bollards on the front half? Can't visual... Read more...