133 Boston Post Road

Weston, MA
A development collaboration between Boston Properties and the Town of Weston to solve the 40B challenge.
Community Review
affordable housing
25% of Units, 80% AMI

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Board of Selectmen & Town Approval

Can you please tell me the level of cooperation and agreement you have already with the elected officials of Weston? My understanding is that the town (Board of Selectmen) has explicitly declined to support... Read more

HI Alex - We have a close level of cooperation with the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board, that came about through the various public discussions we had with both boards prior to us deciding to pursue... Read more

Good morning Alex - I am not sure if you're aware, but we have applied for the access drive to go through Jones Road in Waltham. This was in response to both town leaders' and residents' feedback and concern... Read more

BP, Could you detail out the names of "both towns" leaders that you spoke with? I have spoken to a handful of councilors in Waltham and they are not aware of this project and have no idea of the option,... Read more

Hi Jim - sorry if the wording in that comment is confusing. I was referring to feedback from Weston town leaders and residents, who had requested we pursue an alternative access route (i.e. the Jones Road... Read more

Boston Properties, Do you know who the Weston leadership met with in Waltham prior to the submission onto MassHousing?

Hi Clarence - we have no approvals currently in Waltham, and will be approaching all affected parties when we are prepared to file with the Waltham ZBA.

Thank you for your response. I understand that you have not obtained any official approvals from the City of Waltham. However you stated in your response to Mr. Pierce above, "Weston leadership met with... Read more

Hi Clarence - the Waltham ZBA office was notified of our submission as they are to be the permit granting authority in this case. They were provided with copies of our submission, as well as electronic... Read more

Traffic improvement idea

How many years will it take for the MA DOT traffic improvements to be completed? Even those improvements are negligible. Funding for state projects is highly competitive. How long will it take for Weston... Read more

There is a powerful force working in our favor. The folks who are developing the old Polaroid site . 1265 MAIN @ CITYPOINT is pushing very hard to resolve the traffic issues which... Read more

This does not address the monumental issues caused by this project to an already failing situation on Route 20/Boston Post Road. I implore anyone who travels on Route 20 to take a close look at the traffic... Read more

Hi Janie - the traffic improvements for 1265 Main Street that you are referring to have been committed to being built without federal/state funds if none are available. As John mentioned, there is strong... Read more

The best solution would be to access the 128 intersection with access on the RR right of way coming out right on Green Street with direct access to 128 without even needing to use Jones Road or Rte. 20.... Read more

So I'll go back to my original question. How many years will it take for the MassDOT traffic improvements to be completed? Weston came up with a plan in 2013 and nothing has happened. Has the state approved... Read more

For anyone interested, here is the final FFYs 2018–22 TIP (transportation improvement program) now posted to the MPO's website. Weston/Route 20 is not listed: http://ctps.org/data/pdf/plans/tip/FFYs_2018_2022_Final_TIP_0717.pdf?utm_source=MPOinfo&utm_campaign=89ff80047e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_07db173623-89ff80047e-201123889

Final FFYs 2018–22 TIP Programming Table: A five-year overview of projects planned for funding with the MPO's Regional Target funding: http://ctps.org/data/pdf/plans/tip/FFYs_2018-2022_TIP_Programming_MPO_Target_Program.pdf?utm_source=MPOinfo&utm_campaign=89ff80047e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_07db173623-89ff80047e-201123889

The MultiModal proposal has a very BIG down side for Weston as it would eliminate other RR stops in Weston and make Weston commuters drive to the Jones Rd in Waltham for access to the Fitchburg line. ... Read more

Alan- Isn't only one of the three train stops "Kendall Green" being moved? Wouldn't the stops at Hastings and Silver Hill still remain? The new Multi Modal station would also benefit the 324 households... Read more

The T isn't happy with the other two as there is nearly no parking, and thus passengers, at them. Why would Weston support reducing access to transit for residents? Move the MultiModal stop to the gravel... Read more

Hi John and Alan - I wanted to chime in and say that the MBTA would have a public process and seek input from Weston before making operational changes like closing stops.

If this project proposed an access road along the RR right of way to the new 128 ramp being proposed on Green St they cold really solve traffic bottlenecks on Route 20 & 117. This should be a part of the... Read more

John - we do show a potential future extension of our access road proposal to the new Green Street extension when that gets built. I agree it would definitely create the best access and provide immediate... Read more

Even if new 128 ramp is off Green Street, people needing to go west, Framingham, Sudbury for example, will use rt.20 and 117. The new 128 ramp will not solve our already existing traffic problems.

The access from Green Street will be to the rotary off Rte. 20 over and around 128. This provides access to North and South. This will also link to the Mass Pike going East and West (Framingham, etc.).... Read more

BXP- I think you meant this link: https://goo.gl/X5Ap1k when you said "Please refer to our "Jones Road Access Road" drawings on the Info page of the site." It shows the RR right of way. But you have... Read more

Future improvements to Route 20 rely on MassDOT funding. When does the Town of Weston predict these improvements will be fully designed, funded, and completed. In what year? These proposed improvements... Read more

What does Rte 20 have to do with this? If anything taking Biogen traffic out through Green St. ought to improve Rte 20, right there. But how do you fix Rte 20 from Weston to Marlborough? Sounds like it... Read more

Have you read the traffic impact studies by Vanasse? The intersection at Biogen, School St and Wellesley on Rt 20!will be severely impacted by this project. Green St doesn't exist. I don't give any credence... Read more

Hi John - I believe Janie is referring to the Route 20 intersection improvements that were identified by the Town of Weston's study done by VHB in 2013. That study identified traffic improvements that... Read more

To clarify - This proposed development will make an already bad situation much worse. Boston Properties is meeting with Weston to try to make this development "less" worse. Weston and MassDOT haven't made... Read more

BP, seems to be a great deal of work and coordination between state and local governments to plan and execute these traffic "improvements". On/off ramps widening of roads etc. Is BP willing to hold off... Read more

Hi Jim - just to clarify, this thread has been discussing two groups of traffic improvements. The new on/off ramps and construction on I-95, which were recently approved for design and construction as... Read more

Hi Janie - we are not proposing residential access from Route 20, it would come exclusively from Route 117/Jones Road. The only vehicles accessing the residential units from Route 20 would be emergency... Read more

BP - Thank you for responding. How will you prohibit residents from using the Route 20 entrance?

Janie - We would use a gate along the emergency vehicle access drive (which on the site plan is just past the proposed office building), which would prevent residents from passing through if they tried... Read more

BP, So based on your response to coordinating the occupancy with the traffic improvements, and as I listed included the on/off ramps and the bridge widening your answer is NO you will start occupancy once... Read more

Forgot to ask a question, so is your occupancy tied to just the proposed Jones rd. intersection improvements? I mentioned the 95 on/off ramps and the widening of 117 too. Is this any concern? will your... Read more

Hi Jim - I'll combine my answer to your two questions together. Our occupancy will be tied to any traffic improvements that are required related to our project. So for example, our traffic report recommends... Read more

One more question relative to the gate that is going to divide the traffic so that only the residential portion enters and exists via Jones Rd, and only the business traffic enters and exits via rt 20.... Read more

Hi Jim - it's a good question. We have discussed a few different options with the Town as to how to control the access. One could be to have a physical gate, with either a keycode or "fob" access. We would... Read more

Public benefits idea

This project has no public benefit except to the developer. Most of us moved to Weston because of its peace and quiet and rural landscape. The quality of life in Weston has already been hurt by the construction... Read more

Hello Joan -

Thank you for your comment. We are pursuing this project at the request of the Town, specifically because it can satisfy the entire affordable housing requirement on one site that is... Read more

You are running a 2 lane road with traffic from 250 units of housing in the middle of peaceful conservation land. In addition, the traffic from 250 additional units of housing is going to further burden... Read more

Seems to me that whoever requested and pushing this project might not be Weston residents...

Hi Joan -

We understand that traffic and the impacts on Church Street and the Land's Sake farm are of great concern to the Town. We were able to share on Monday night at the ZBA hearing that with... Read more

Community benefit idea

Written testimony from the 9/26 Planning Board meeting is available here on the Town Website. https://ma-weston.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/Index/1354

Community benefit idea

I work at Biogen and it already takes a few minutes to take a right turn from the 133 Boston Post Road light. I can't imagine just how much worse it could get.

Hi Tom - the light at the 133 BPR intersection would be modified with this project to accommodate the additional development and maintain the level-of-service rating for the different movements through... Read more

Community benefit idea

This is NOT a 40B only project - that is a convenient "in" for Boston Properties to develop a mega complex in our town. Boston Properties submitted plans involve: - The 300+ unit residential building -... Read more

Community benefit idea

This project is disgraceful. The impact it will have on our childrens lives with 2000 vehicles entering via Church Street is incomprehensible. This is a clear example of a large corporation abusing a suburban... Read more

Hi Robert - Please note that we are working on this project in cooperation with and at the request of the Town. All of our proposal is subject to the Town's review and approval. We understand the concern... Read more

BXP - Please use the RT 20 access that already exists and only put 40B housing units in there with no additional commercial development. The Jones Road entrance is an unnecessary urbanization that our... Read more

Community benefit idea

I support the selectmen's efforts to find cooperative development partners to solve the 40B threat to our town, one we can't and shouldn't ignore. Weston will get the growth of unwanted developments through... Read more

Hi Alan - thank you for your comment, and for your understanding of the cooperative nature in which we are proposing this development with the Town of Weston. We are aggressively pursuing the Jones Road... Read more

Alan -

I am a fellow Weston resident and fully agree that we need 40B housing not only in our town but across the state. I just wanted to share some information on the plans for this project to... Read more

The question remains, where in town do you propose the needed 40B housing to be located? I'm assuming the selectmen tired of dealing with the battles over every little project, which will go on forever... Read more

Alternative access routes to residential aspect of project

Hello - in the last meetings I attended in which Boston Properties presented the plans including the Beals & Thomas plans, committee members and residents asked about alternative options for access for... Read more

For those interested, here is the link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/weston-town-selectmen-douglas-p-gillespie-stop-construction-of-up-to-2-150-daily-vehicle-access-road-on-rail-trail-onto-church-street?source_location=minibar

Thank you for your question and focus on the project, Kristine. I fully understand that access for the proposed residences is a major concern for the Town. In order to pursue every option to its fullest,... Read more

Kristine, I would also like to encourage those interested in your petition to join us at our upcoming public hearings. Please see the timeline on this site for information on the dates.

If I could... Read more

Thank you very much for the response.

As noted in the last Conservation Committee Meeting, there are 3 points on the proposed access road on the Rail Trail that are considered Wetlands areas and... Read more

Hi Kristine -

There are wetlands that border the Rail Trail access route in select locations. Our proposed drive does not go through or fill any of these areas, and where the road comes close we... Read more

Hi Kristine - I am not sure if you have heard yet, but we have applied for the access drive to go through Jones Road in Waltham. This was in response to both town leaders' and residents' feedback and concern... Read more

Hi Kristine - I am about to post an update to the website's followers, but we received our approval from MassHousing last Friday to pursue permitting the Jones Road access in Waltham. That was the first... Read more

Community benefit idea

[Planning Board Public Hearing - October 25 at 7:30p] http://www.weston.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_10252017-3885. PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE WESTON PLANNING BOARD Pursuant to Sections V.D, and G; and... Read more

Community benefit idea

While I appreciate Boston Properties providing Weston residents with this forum through which to express our opinions, simply stated, this is a bad idea from the get-go. Not, as the developers state,... Read more

Where in town would you propose to locate the required affordable housing units? They need to go somewhere.

Community benefit idea

According to your plan, you are creating "safe harbor" status through one or more 10-year census cycles", correct? You need to explain to residents the meaning behind it: Weston will be turned into SANCTUARY... Read more

Hi Inna - "safe harbor" status is a term defined under the MGL 40B regulation referring to a town's status when it has satisfied the requirement that 10% of the housing units in the town are affordable.... Read more

I wonder if Weston still be in need of Metco program if this project gets approved

This project would give Weston "safe harbor" from hostile 40b developments for almost a generation or more. Don't want a hostile 40b near you, definitely support this project with as many units as possible!

Community benefit idea

Keir, I attended the site walk yesterday and am looking to know when the recent plans dated 6-22-2017 will be posted, and where. As an aside, great and informative presentation.

Hi Michael - thank you for your comment and kind words. I have just submitted the plans to Weston for the Jones Road access drive, and will be delivering hard copies tomorrow. You can find the new plans... Read more

Hi Keir, I see that there an another site walk is scheduled for next Tuesday evening, prior to the next planning board meeting-is this the result of any new plans having been filed, beyond those that were... Read more

Hi Michael -

The Planning Board asked that I hold a follow-up site walk for any residents that wanted to go to the first but were not able to. My intent is to do the same walk we did a couple weeks... Read more

Thanks but probably will skip this one. I see that you are on for the August 1 Conservation Commission meeting-will you be presenting the new Jones Road plans at that time? Also, do you anticipate that... Read more

Yes, we are currently scheduled for August 1. We may continue that hearing until a later date. We will be presenting and reviewing the Jones Road plans at that time. The proposed access will marry into... Read more

Good mornin Keir, has any decision been reached as to whether the August 1st hearing is going forward with a substantive presentation, or are you looking to continue?

Hi Michael - the hearing is going to be continued to September 26. I will update the project timeline on the site.

Hello Keir, a couple of questions: can you confirm when you next meet with Conservation-I have seen references to both the 7th and the 21st; are you meeting with ZBA on the 8th, and if so, is it by way... Read more

Hi Michael - We are going to continue our hearing with the Conservation Commission until January 9th. We will also be continuing our ZBA hearing from the 8th to a date either in December or January (I... Read more

Keir, I see that the Conservation meeting of the 9th was continued and the ZBA of the 17th was continued until June. I also am informed that as of yet there has been no filing with the Waltham ZBA in... Read more

Hi Michael, we continued the hearings, as you noted, until after May Town Meeting at the request of the Planning Board and Selectmen. We all thought it made sense to work with the Planning Board to incorporate... Read more

Thanks. Is there text of a specific warrant article for the May town meeting? Also, are there any additional Planning Board meetings scheduled to discuss the matter prior to their rendering their recommendation.

Community benefit idea

All please be aware that this development is not really about 40B housing. It is a convenient "in" for Boston Properties to develop a mega complex in our town. I am a fellow Weston resident and fully... Read more

Hi Elizabeth- Please note that we are working on this project in cooperation with and at the request of the Town. All of our proposal is subject to the Town's review and approval. We have showed the office... Read more

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