133 Boston Post Road

Weston, MA
A development collaboration between Boston Properties and the Town of Weston to solve the 40B challenge.
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25% of Units, 80% AMI

May Town Meeting

Hello all, and Happy New Year! We have been continuing to work with the Planning Board to incorporate feedback from neighborhood meetings and Weston officials into a revised project proposal, and the Planning Board hopes to make a recommendation to the Selectmen soon. Following that recommendation, we will be working with the Selectmen to continue meeting with neighbors and the broader community to discuss the revised proposal and gather feedback. To make sure there is enough time for the community to consider the project, we have agreed to go before the Town Meeting in May, in lieu of an earlier "special town vote".

At the end of the month, I will be archiving this website, and communication will start taking place on the Town's website. Up until then you can continue to post questions/comments. Thank you all!

Jones Road Access Drive - MassHousing Approval

Hello everyone - we received some good news this past Friday, with MassHousing's approval of our Jones Road access drive submission. This now allows us to proceed with permitting in Waltham. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Jones Road Access Drive Submission

Hello everyone -

Thank you to those who attended the site walk with the Planning Board on Wednesday. For those who were not able to attend, I have attached our new access drive design which shows the residential access road going to Jones Road in Waltham. Those can be found on the "Info" tab here. I have also included our MassHousing filing, which is the first step in permitting the drive through Waltham. That can be found here.

Joint Planning Board/Selectmen Hearing

Good morning -

I have attached the presentation that was used at last night's joint hearing with the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen here. In the hearing, it was decided by the Selectmen and Planning Board that we would put a hold on our ZBA hearings until the Planning Board has completed its review of the project, and advised on mitigation, density, and access decisions. We will then recommence ZBA hearings related to the Comprehensive Permit. We also stated that we will be pursuing a permit for residential access out through Jones Road (to Route 117) with the Town of Waltham, in the hopes of alleviating traffic concerns on Church Street. That process could go into the summer months, but we will provide updates on our progress. Please stay tuned!

ZBA Hearing #1 Presentation

Hello everyone -

I have posted the presentation that was given on Monday's night's ZBA hearing here, and on the Timeline page.

Fiscal Impact Report - Supplemental Memo

Hello everyone -

As part of our continuing efforts to assist the Town in understanding the fiscal impacts from this proposed development, we had another meeting in March with members of the Weston Public Schools finance department, School Board, and Finance Committee to further evaluate different scenarios for impacts on the Weston schools. We recently received a new estimate of costs from the school finance department, and have submitted an updated report to the Town. You can find that report on the "Info" page, or here. The updated costs from the school finance department are still covered by expected tax revenues generated by the proposed development.

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Neighbor Views and Night Light Levels

At our prior Planning Board hearing, several residents asked about the night lighting conditions on site. Sasaki has produced some additional night renderings to give an idea of those conditions, which can be seen here. The proposal includes low-level site lighting, and the setbacks around the property's perimeter provide substantial tree cover to shield much of the buildings' interior lighting.

Conservation Committee Hearing #1

The morning site walk and evening presentation to the Conservation Committee went well last night, and we had good attendance by the public as well. Topics of discussion were wetlands, storm water management, and river front area protections. As a follow up, BXP will do some additional flagging along Stony Brook to further delineate the wetland along the Fitchburg Rail line. The hearing was continued to April 25th for the next discussion. In case you missed last night, the presentation is attached on the timeline to last night's notice.

Planning Board Hearing #1

Thank you to all who attended last night, and to those who gave comments and questions. Based on last night's hearing, the next topic to review with the Planning Board will be traffic impacts. We also have some additional visual studies to produce. In case you missed it, last night's presentation is attached on the timeline under "Planning Board Hearing #1".

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