Letter in Support of 144 & 159 Riverside Drive Charlotte Street

As an Asheville resident, I have been following the proposed project at 144 and 159 Riverside Drive and believe it will enhance the neighborhood and provide many benefits to the community, including:

• It offers more housing options to help alleviate the housing shortage.

• It meets restrictions placed on the property to allow for a mix of business and residential use.

• It will restore and repurpose the old Mill Building and smokestack that are remnants of the Historic Cotton Mill that burned in 1995.

• It will revitalize an area of the River Arts District that is currently underutilized.

• Its design includes many green and environmentally sensitive elements, including a green roof over the old Mill Building and an underground storm water treatment tank.

• It brings economic growth to alleviate some of the tax burden on existing homeowners and help fund our most essential city services.

For these reasons I urge Asheville City Council to approve the conditional zoning request for the 101 Charlotte Street project. Thank you for your consideration.