community review
Phase Community Review
retail 12,000 sf
residential 146,000 sf

Dear neighbours,

We'd like to introduce ourselves. We're Well Grounded Real Estate, a family business that has owned the property at 1925 Victoria Park Avenue since the early 1960's. Currently, you may know it as Larry the Liquidator.

New Sustainable Development:

We have submitted an application to the City of Toronto to build Toronto's most sustainable multi-family building. The building will be a rental apartment that we intend to own and operate for many years. This is important because it means we're aligned with the long-term interests of the community.


The building is designed to the highest environmental standards recognized by the Toronto Green Standards, which is a 4 tiered framework developed by the City of Toronto that outlines sustainable design performance levels for new developments. This will be the first multi-residential building in the City to achieve Tier 4 performance and will be near net-zero.

Building Form:

From the images above, you'll notice this building isn't a traditional box. It's unique massing features a unique open air, single loaded corridor that surrounds a central courtyard. This design provides benefits to the tenants in the form of natural sunlight and ventilation, and also makes the building thinner so it's less imposing on the site. The images also show a lot of greenery, which is a strategy for making the building more livable for tenants and for naturalizing the site overall.

Community Benefits:

We've proposed...