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Will never happen

Respect the people who live on that block, period. This isn't a public project like your other ventures. This sits on top of a senior building and next to an affordable building-on private land. How can... Read more...

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Bringing new affordable housing to 247 Cherry Street will not displace senior residents or any other residents—including those currently living in affordable housing built during previous periods... Read more...

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Interesting. So no senior residents from 80 Rutgers will be moved or displaced, temporary or permanent? And all of the seniors-avg age 90-who would never survive a displacement, will remain in their current... Read more...

Spanish & Chinese Translation

Is it possible to offer the website info & updates in other languages such as spanish & chinese? or at least offer a way for those who do not speak or read english to obtain the information?

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Hi Joanna. Right now, the best we can do is to offer Google Translate. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Select Language" box on the right. You can choose from 12 languages. We're working... Read more...

Jonathan-do you realize that the average age of the seniors in that building is 90? And they all speak Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese? You need to hire translators if you are going to work in Chinatown.

We agree that clear communication in one's own language is important. Translators have been provided for Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish speakers in each of the meetings we have held with community groups... Read more...


This community will need a major Supermarket. The Pathmark closing has left a great void in the area.

Affordable Shopping

I would love to see a "normal" supermarket, like a Stop and Shop for example! No Whole Foods!! Also a Starbucks would be awesome!

More affordable housing

I'd like a grocery store with affordable prices, more than 30% affordable units, and a pharmacy that stays open after 8pm.

Condos for sale/ affordable housing

Looks like 75% of the bldg will be condo sales. Is the other 25% for middle income rentals or low income rentals? Will there be parking available? Will there be security check-in around the clock?

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Thank you for your questions. All apartments at 247 Cherry Street will be rental units. 25% of the units will be permanently designated as affordable housing and integrated throughout the building with... Read more...


It would be nice to open a pharmacy or small convenience store in the new building.

Thank you for sharing this suggestion. We plan to recruit exactly this kind of retail tenants to the new neighborhood retail space along Rutgers Slip and Cherry Street. Quite a few people from the community... Read more...

Seating Areas

What are you planning to do to provide outdoor seating areas? Will current benches be removed during construction?

Thank you Jessica. We are working with SCAPE landscape architects to develop outdoor seating, new walkways and activity areas on the site. In addition to the outdoor seating in the green space at ground... Read more...