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Update #17

Geothermal Well Drilling Complete!

Dear Neighbors,

I am pleased to report the Geothermal well drilling is COMPLETE! The geothermal system at 325 Binney street plays a critical role in sustainable building operations, targeting approximately 92% reduction in fossil fuel consumption compared to existing large lab buildings in Boston and Cambridge. All drilling equipment will be demobilized between the end of this week and early next week. The testing and lateral piping installation will start towards the end of next week.

A few summary statistics of what the field entails:

  • 74 geothermal wells installed, each over 600 ft deep
  • More than 44,000 linear feet of heat exchanger “quad loop” tubing installed
  • More than 63,000 gallons of thermally-enhanced grout installed

Other area activities include the continued westbound lane shutdown for Eversource and City utility work.