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What types of features and amenities would encourage you to spend more time in Day Square?

Less traffic. Safer crosswalks. Less construction and development

Thank you for your comments! The City is currently undergoing a planning process which incorporates the roadway network for most of East Boston and the project will be incorporate into that from a traffic... Read more...

What do you think can be most improved about this section of Bennington Street?

Firstly, a correct photo of the surrounding area of this building would be nice. You left out the highway and multiple buildings in the area. This is like a bait and switch.

Thank you! The graphics provided are conceptual renderings to showcase the building itself and we have tried to add context wherever possible.

What types of features and amenities would encourage you to spend more time in Day Square?

an ample coffee shop....there aren't many in East Boston...would encourage me to walk the greenway from the waterfront to the end, to enjoy a Chair or a snack

Thanks for the suggestion Rachel! We are taking all suggestions into consideration and a Cafe/coffeee shop is definitely something that has been brought to our attention as a great addition to the community.

What other questions or suggestions do you have about this project?

If the City already has plans for Day Square and is negotiating with private developers about it without actually presenting that to the community, what are all these meetings and surveys for? You're not... Read more...

While we cannot speak for the City about its plans, we do know that the BPDA has been engaged in a community wide planning initiative called Plan East Boston. That process has included community meetings,... Read more...

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