399 Binney Street

Cambridge, MA
Official construction updates on a new LEED® Gold, 165,000 square-foot office & lab building in Kendall Square.
/ LAB 165,000 SQ FT
Approx 1,500 SQ FT

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Retail - 399 Binney

I live on Lilac Court. I would love to see a fruit and vegetable store, maybe with fresh flowers, too. I imagined it run by Siena Farms (Ana Sortun of Oleana restaurant's husband). People could come by... Read more

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I agree with this retail comment. I live on Cardinal Medeiros. Instead of seeing another restaurant pop up, it would be great to see a shop with fresh fruits/vegetables, and a good selection of dairy... Read more

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Bethany and John, thanks for the replies and suggestions! Those are great ideas and please feel free to send any interested proprietors our way, we would love to talk to them. Keep sending the ideas our... Read more

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I totally agree. I am living at the Berkshire Place and I am working on Kendall Square, so if I could have access to healthy, fresh food and bread (yummy! Sorry, it is a bit cliché, I am French!) when... Read more

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I would like to share another couple of ideas. One is a shop where our kids could walk to buy things and hang out, whether it is a convenience store, a coffee shop, ice-cream shop. Another idea would... Read more

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While 1500sf is not large enough for a supermarket or CVS, I do agree with below posts about having a smaller grocery store. The neighborhood is in a dire need of one and it would compliment other retailers... Read more

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399 Binney idea

Hi, I know that a construction site is noisy, but I think some noises could be avoided, such as the beeping of horn that happened all day long today... It is really unbearable, in addition to all the other... Read more

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Rozenn, thanks for reaching out. I believe the beeping you are referring to is the backup alarm on trucks. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust such beeping as it is a mandated safety feature on trucks and... Read more

Hi, sorry I probably didn't use the right word... Yesterday someone on the site (I don't know who exactly) was honking the horn all day long. I am not speaking about the usual beep used by trucks when... Read more

Rozenn, thank you for the clarification. I checked in with the on-site team and they confirmed that the horn you were hearing is a safety measure used by the crane operator to alert the team at the bottom... Read more

399 Binney - noise

Quality of life around here is massively impacted when these lab buildings don't take extreme measures to mute their venting noises. Half of us know Andrea, the noise control person for the city on a first... Read more

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Thanks for your question, Bethany. We take noise mitigation very seriously in all of our buildings. Specific mitigation measures included in this project are the siting of equipment to the eastern side... Read more


Actually, we need directions coming off the BU Bridge, not Mem Drive. Thanks :-)

Valerie, Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry for your convenience. As you experienced, the traffic and construction impacts change on a daily basis in and around Kendall Square. Since the 399 Binney... Read more


We drove to the Kendall Square Cinema about a month ago and drove around and around AND AROUND trying to find the parking garage (which we never did, and were late for the movie.) Must've asked about half... Read more


There was mention of a community meeting to be held on October 4th for the Met Pipe project. Is the meeting presentation or information available online for this project? Thanks

Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. I'm still working on the website for 325 Binney Street (aka Met Pipe site) but I'd be happy to share the boards that were presented. Note that we also have another... Read more


Can you ensure there will be police detail during the pipe company demolition/etc. for the many kids who walk Fulkerson to Cambridge St. Upper School/Kennedy Longfellow? They walk through the One Kendall... Read more

Hi Bethany, Thanks for reaching out. I spoke with Joe Barr from Traffic & Parking this week about making sure our Police Detail Officer escorts any construction vehicular movements in and around the site.... Read more

There is no safety in place for the kids coming from Fulkerson crossing Binney. They have to cross Fulkerson to Binney on the Pipe company side of the street as well, so as demolition/etc. begins this... Read more


These updates are nearly useless. What WOULD be useful: - Information about how behind schedule the project is. - Information about when this project will stop being such a noise nuisance to the... Read more

Tim N. Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you don’t find the updates helpful. The 399 Binney Street project remains on schedule to be completed by the end of this year, 2018, as is listed on the Info... Read more


Hi, during the meeting we had about 2 weeks ago, we have been told that the noisy black engine will be moved far away from the homes, and will be removed soon. I know that because of the weather the construction... Read more

Thanks for reaching out. The stud welding machine "the noisy black engine" is located on the part of the site farthest away from the housing as possible at this time. We anticipate approximately a half... Read more

399 Binney idea

Hello, I live in Berkshire place, and I was wondering if maybe the big black engine/motor/pump (I don't know what it is) could have been put in another place, not so close to the houses, but maybe more... Read more

Thanks for your note and reaching out. The machine you are referring to is the steel erector’s welding machine being used to install the level 1 floor. The location of the machine was dictated by the tight... Read more

399 Binney idea

Your most recent update has a crane setup on the 14th, 18th and 19th. Are these dates correct since most tower cranes are setup on the weekend? Is eastbound traffic closed 24 hours or just during your... Read more

Dave, thanks for reaching out. The dates of Dec 14th, 18th and 19th are correct. Please note there will not be a tower crane on site; mobile cranes will be utilized for the construction. The eastbound... Read more

399 Binney idea

How long is Bristol St. expected to be closed? I am a resident in the direct area, but I was not informed that there would be a street closure. I need to access Bristol in order to park at my house.

Hi Rachel, Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, I have no information about Bristol Street being closed, the closure is not due to our 399 Binney Street project. I've asked our project team and they... Read more

399 Binney idea

Disappointed about the abrupt closing of the cinema, which is an important anchor not just for the neighborhood but for Greater Boston, as it is often the exclusive venue for independent films. What does... Read more

Rob, thanks for posting. We agree that the Cinema is an important neighborhood anchor. The Cinema is closed temporarily out of an abundance of caution while the foundation work of the new development ... Read more

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Marketing Director - Pure Process Technology

Just want to weigh in on what looks like an awesome mixed used phased construction project. Very well thought out, planned and represented with some of the best architectural rendering I've ever seen.

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