399 Binney Street

Cambridge, MA
Official construction updates on a new LEED® Gold, 165,000 square-foot office & lab building in Kendall Square.
/ LAB 165,000 SQ FT
Approx 1,500 SQ FT
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will there be a new open plaza in front of the Kendall cinema?

I was a frequent visitor of the Kendall Square Cinema, but have been able to go there since construction closed the plaza area in front of the theater. The reason for this is because I take The Ride (transportation... Read more...

(ooops, sorry - typo. Was supposed to say "have not been able to go there...")

Thanks for your question, Alexandra! You can see a view of the new cinema plaza and planned seating in the image titled "looking northwest from Binney Street". However, in the interim and throughout the... Read more...

Thanks for answering so quickly. I thought the image you mentioned may be the planned future seating area, but I wasn't 100% sure. It looks like it will be very nice. Thank you so much for arranging to... Read more...

Alexandra, I'm happy to report that the bench has been installed to the right of the OKS garage entrance. I posted a photo of the new bench in the images section above, just scroll through until you see... Read more...

Wow, thank you so much for arranging for the bench and for letting me know it's there. This will make such a big difference for me and probably others too. I'm sure you have a lot to take care of, and... Read more...