50 York Street

Cambridge, MA
Rebuilding 16 units of affordable rental housing in a tight-knit neighborhood after a devastating fire.
21,000 sq ft
affordable housing
16 units

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A great resource for the community!

Wonderful to have all this information on one site, and looking forward to reviewing updates as the project moves along. How often will the site be updated?

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Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for following! We'll be updating the website as often as we have news to share with the community, which will be pretty frequently.

Glad this is moving forward

Thanks to Just-A-Start for moving quickly to replace these important affordable units that were destroyed by the fire!

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Jesse, thanks so much for following the project! We look forward to sharing updates with the neighborhood.

Cambridge housing crunch

Due to the high demand for housing in Cambridge, I think an additional floor would not hurt the folks living next door

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, due to zoning and time constraints, that wasn't a viable option for this project. However, we are planning to add new affordable housing units at other... Read more

Project Looks Great - Cool Prescence on the Web

When's the ribbon cutting? Good Luck with the project, I'll be checking back for progress.


Happy Just-A-Start is on here!

I'm excited to see updates on the project as it is happening!


We're looking forward to keeping the community informed about the progress of the 50 York project via this page. Please "Follow" the project for email updates and feel free to post any questions or comments... Read more