Phase Construction
residential 21,000 sq ft
affordable housing 16 units

Just-A-Start (JAS) plans to build a new structure at 50 York Street, after the current building was irreparably damaged by fire on December 3, 2016. The existing building will be demolished in mid to late March 2017, and the new building will replace the 16 units of housing that were lost. The site, which sits at the corner of Berkshire and York streets, is known as St. Patrick's Place.

What's in the Works

  • Lighting: Good news- parking lot lights are back on!
  • Cars: All cars have been removed from the parking lot.
  • Saving the Stained Glass Windows: UPDATE, 3/29/17 - The stained glass windows have been removed from the building in preparation for demolition. They have been safely crated and will be temporarily stored off-site. At least one stained glass window will be incorporated into the design of the new building, and several will be donated to Sacred Heart Parish.
  • Asbestos: JAS is performing additional asbestos testing, at the request of MassDEP. All asbestos containing materials will be removed from the building according to regulations.
  • Demolition permit: UPDATE, 5/4/17 - We've received our demolition permit. Demolition will take approximately four weeks, and start in May 8th. Notification letters have been sent to neighbors- please look at the demolition timeline posted in information and plans below.
  • Parking: All previous parking will be replaced.

What's There Now

The site is occupied by the former 50 York building, which will be demolished in March 2017. There is also a parking lot on the site.

What's Happening Next

JAS plans to present the design of the new building for comments at the April meeting of the Cambridge Historical Commission, in addition to meeting with displaced tenants during March. The architectural plans will be completed over the summer,... Read more...



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