1. What is the 5150 N. Northwest Highway development?

A place to call home for veterans, persons with disabilities, seniors, families, and professionals in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood. Full Circle Communities, a developer committed to thoughtful design and place-making, plans to build and provide on-site management for a LEED Silver, 75-unit, mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-oriented development that will provide exciting new residences that serve the diverse housing needs of Jefferson Park. Full Circle Communities has an excellent track record of developing and managing properties that are reflective of and responsive to the communities they serve.

2. Why is this development needed in Jefferson Park?

Jefferson Park is committed to its roots as a caring, thriving neighborhood of working Chicagoans. Rising rents, however, threaten to drive these families away, as well as people with limited incomes, like those receiving social security and veteran's benefits. The demand for housing is on the rise, but production isn’t keeping pace. Only a 1.2% increase in units have been made available since 2010, while rents have increased by more than 10% in the last five years. A responsibly designed, new mixed-use development that will beautify the gateway commercial entry into Jefferson Park is crucial.

3. Will the development create jobs?

Yes! More than 100 union construction positions will be needed to get this building constructed. And, with the potential for Amazon and other corporate headquarters being recruited to Chicago, the need for workers at multiple skill levels will only grow with an inevitable increase of jobs at O’Hare and downtown. Those workers will need thoughtful housing for varying incomes with easy access to their jobs. 5150 is eager to be part of the housing solution.

3. What community-based amenities will the building have?

5150 will boast a community room, resident lounge, library/computer room, outdoor recreation space with children’s play area, picnic/grill area and a dog run -- all things that will make their house a home in the spirit of Jefferson Park. Separate from the resident housing and amenities -- with its own entrance -- Friendship Community Place, a non-profit affiliate of Friendship Presbyterian Church, will lease space to be used for non-profit administrative offices and a community space to be programmed with neighborhood events, arts programming and live performances.

4. How will the development serve veterans?

For generations, Jefferson Park has been home to veterans. Serving those who have served our nation will be the highest priority for homes in this development. At 5150 we have set aside 15 units exclusively for veterans and veteran families. In addition, every veteran applicant will be given priority in 100% of the units. Full Circle is working closely with veterans’ organizations and service providers to aggressively market to veterans for the entire development.

5. How will the development serve people with disabilities?

5150 will provide new opportunities so that local residents with disabilities can remain in the neighborhood they know and love, as well as opportunities for other Chicago residents to live independently and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Currently, 93% of the housing units in Jefferson Park were built before the 1990 ADA requirements and have limited accessibility features. Buildings with elevator access are rare and in-unit accessibility features even more so. At 5150, every unit will be accessible or adaptable for persons with disabilities.

6. How will the development impact transportation?

5150 is within walking distance to the largest transit hub on the northwest side of Chicago and to shopping and entertainment. Only ¼ mile from the Metra station, ½ mile from the Jefferson Park Transit Center, which is currently undergoing a $25 million renovation. That means access to more than 740,000 jobs within a 30-minute commute, including easy access to job centers like O’Hare and downtown Chicago without need for a car. Approximately 30,000 of those jobs are within a two-mile radius of this site. And, for those with cars or who expect guests with cars, there will be 40 on-site parking spots, exceeding zoning requirements.

7. What is the breakdown of housing units and pricing?

The proposed 75-unit development consists of:

  • 5 studio, 1-bathroom apartments — rents ranging from $420 to $1,250 a month
  • 16 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments — rents ranging from $450 to $1,450 a month
  • 16 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments — rents ranging from $208 to $1,850 a month
  • 38 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments — rents ranging from $240 to $2,200 a month

15 of the units will be market rate, while the remaining 60 units will be affordable to households at or below 60% of the area median income (roughly $50,000 for a family of four). Some units will be set aside at extremely affordable rents for residents on low-fixed incomes, and rental assistance will be provided to 30 of the units to ensure that veterans and persons with a disability are not housing cost burdened.

8. Who is Full Circle Communities?

Full Circle Communities' mission is to expand access to quality affordable housing through preservation and development, thoughtful design and the provision of significant and targeted supportive services to our residents and the surrounding communities. Since 2001 Full Circle has overseen the design, planning, financing, construction and operation of 810 housing units in urban, suburban and rural settings with an additional 252 units currently under construction or approved for development.

5150 will have a mixture of veterans, seniors, single residents, families, and people with disabilities. At some point in their lives, everyone may need a little assistance, and Full Circle Communities proactively accounts for this at all of their properties. An on-site resident service coordinator will offer advocacy, service links and support for residents who need it, all at no charge. Full Circle Communities contracts with existing local service providers who know Jefferson Park and have the expertise needed to best serve the community. Every resident will have access to these services to meet their individual needs such as, VA benefits, reasonable modifications or accommodations for disabilities, transportation coordination, youth programming, navigating access to education, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security assistance, and health awareness. Full Circle Communities dedicates 75% of a development's developer fee and cash flow indefinitely to provide these resident supportive services.

5150 N. Northwest Highway

location Chicago, IL
Creating quality, diverse housing opportunities and streetscape improvements in Jefferson Park.