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Website closing June 30

FRIENDLY REMINDER: The Alexandria Center for Life Science - San Carlos development project will be closing the Feedback site at the end of the month. If you would still like to provide feedback or support for this project before then, please visit the projects Feedback section. 

After June 30, please check the San Carlos Planning Dept. website for updates:

Community Website update-June 30 close!

To all of our entire community,

We would like to thank all of you for your support on the The Alexandria Center for Life Science - San Carlos development project.

On June 30, our project will be removed from the coUrbanize platform as we will no longer be accepting community feedback. Until then, however, we continue to welcome all support, comments, and feedback that you would like to provide.

Thank you again for your support and we will be in touch again before the conclusion of our open feedback form.

San Carlos Community Update April 2022

Dear neighbors,

Thank you so much for all your feedback thus far. We hear your concerns for housing and community spaces like childcare and amenity spaces, Pulgas creek restoration and bike & walk paths along the creek. Know that we are working with our design consultant teams and the city’s Planning Dept to make the site most welcome to the community.

We are pleased to provide an update on our San Carlos efforts. Our most recent activities are the following:

  • Further developed and coordinated the Old County Rd & Commercial St roads with the adjacent property developers, the city’s Planning & DPW depts, and their CEQA consultant in order to develop a draft EIR document in April.
  • Further developed with the city’s Planning dept, the Old County Rd parking garage design: removing 1.5 floors, changing the façade material and adding a Fitness Center and Bike Shop storefront spaces along Old County Rd.

  • Soil and groundwater remediation activities. Continued working with the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFRWQCB) to address residual contamination present in soil and groundwater beneath the site. As mentioned in the last update, a quarterly groundwater monitoring program has been in place since 2020.
  • Additional building renderings development. Below are updated renderings for your consideration:

5. Website feedback tab. We've also added an open ended question on the feedback tab where you can share your thoughts and questions on the new renderings; see 

We look forward to sharing more updates soon while we move the project through the entitlement process this year.

Thank you!

San Carlos Community Update October 2021

Dear neighbors,

We are pleased to provide an update on our San Carlos efforts.

Alexandria has been pleased to participate in the City’s Eastside Vision Study, and we look forward to working with the community to support this vision.

Our most recent site activities include:

  • Phase 1 (825-835 Industrial Rd). Our two newly completed buildings are 100% leased primarily to life science companies. The project is organized around an exterior courtyard offering activities such as bocce ball, a life size chess set, and many places for seating, gathering and relaxation all of which is open to the public during regular business hours and daytime hours on the weekend. The courtyard is also home to an outdoor bar facility which will be open to the public in the next few weeks.
  • Phase 2 (Former Kelly Moore and L3 site). Alexandria submitted an application for a development project. The application is under review by the City. An EIR is also underway for the project. 
  • Upon closure of all Kelly Moore activities and in order to properly secure and manage the site while we are still in the project review process, we secured a demolition permit to allow for removal of the unused buildings and pavement. This will allow for us to continue the site remediation and to manage the stormwater onsite through soil infiltration. Details of the work underway include:

1.    Removal of all buildings on the Kelly Moore site, above ground tanks and piping.

2.    Removal of over 30,000 tons of concrete pavement and vaults, which has been crushed for reuse onsite in order to create a level site.

3.    Installation of a filtered dewatering system, so that soil is prevented from leaving the site during a Bay tidal-water table rise or in a rain event.  

4.    Demolition protection activities:

To protect the site and surrounding neighborhood during demolition, a Soil and Groundwater Management Plan (SMP) has been implemented to ensure proper handling & disposal of excavated and removed soil.

Sample storm drain management practice: Keep sediment out of outdoor storm drains.

Soil & groundwater investigation:

We have been actively working with the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFRWQCB) – the regulatory oversight agency - to address residual contamination present in soil and groundwater beneath the site. A quarterly groundwater monitoring program has been in place since 2020.

Extensive soil & groundwater investigation and evaluation has been conducted during the facility closure process and through the building’s demolition process. Evaluation has included the collection and analysis of hundreds of samples to date. Below is what was found and reported to date:

  • Petroleum-related compounds associated with historical operations were found present in shallow soil and groundwater in limited areas located centrally in the Kelly-Moore site, but not at concentrations that will require remediation. 
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were found present in groundwater, primarily focused on the east-southeast quadrant of the site-see yellow highlight below. The areas of impact have been delineated, and site conditions do not pose a threat to on-site personnel or neighbors of the property. Remediation activities are underway as described below.

Remediation Activities:

Under SFRWQCB oversight and approval, field injection remediation commenced over the 1.6 acre highlighted yellow area. The remediation includes the injection of food-grade materials (zero-valent iron and a carbon amendment) and microorganisms (dehalococcoides) to enhance and accelerate the anaerobic breakdown of chlorinated VOCs in the subsurface. This remedial methodology is a safe, common, and well-proven technology to address contamination without undesirable effects on the environment.  

The injection field work is expected to be completed by December 2021, and results submitted to the SFRWQCB via our quarterly groundwater monitoring program. ARE will continue to work in coordination with the SFRWQCB to complete investigation and remedial activities as required.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please use the comment section below and one of our ARE team will respond in short order! 

Thank you and stay in touch.

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