Alamo Colleges District Support Operations Building

San Antonio, TX
Official construction updates on the Alamo Colleges DSO Building Project.
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Thank you Board of Trustees!

Wonderful news!   Hoping we can consider employee wellness as we move forward with design.

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I have lived on Cunningham for 3+ years, and can say with 100% certainty that this proposed building and parking lot is a terrible idea! The amount of traffic already inflicted upon our community, caused... Read more


Love the walking trail!

Thank you! So excited about the walking trail. I always enjoyed the walking environment at SAC. Really looking forward to the new building!

Thanks to the Board

So grateful to the Board for approving a new DSO building! Hope there will be green spaces for eating lunch outside. Look forward to working there.

DSO Building idea

Is it too late to throw out the idea of a "hammock/nap room"? Sometimes I want a nap instead of going to the gym! :) (No judgement zone!) There are many organizations that have implemented these "quiet... Read more

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Yolanda, thank you for your suggestion and for staying engaged throughout this process! At this time, the approved floor plan does not include a nap room. However, there are a variety of gathering spaces... Read more


Live Video Feed of Construction

Would it be possible to setup a live video feed of the construction progress with a couple of different vantage points?

More Updates

I wouldn't mind seeing more updates to this site to see how the project is coming along.

DSO Building idea

I would like to suggest fitting the building with water fountains that allow you to fill up water bottles. Something like this:

More Updates and Timeline

It would be nice to see more updates and a timeline of the project. Could you also post design renderings so we can see what the building is going to look like?

2222 N. Alamo St. Proposal

To Whom It May Concern-
I'd like to express my intense anxiety over having the plan proposed at 2222 N. Alamo St. happen in our neighborhood! I live on Cunningham Ave. We already have major... Read more

Design Input

Hope they will consider design input from the employees who will be occupying the building.

Appreciate the updates!

Pleased to see that the Board and committee decided to move forward with this project.  
Nature and walking trails are a great addition.  I was hoping for something like that.  Read more

DSO Building idea

So there is going to be a parking garage? How many buildings? And why are they "wrecking" some of the buildings? Is the proejct still on schedule for a topping out on April 30 and move over the Christmas... Read more

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Hi Kay, thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, there is going to be a parking garage at the new DSO building. There will be 5 buildings at the ground level, including the parking garage. You can see the layout... Read more

Thanks for your prompt response. We might consider that the Saturday before 4th of July is not the best date for the topping out, but it's not up to me.

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