Final Update for Ames Street Residences

Thank you to all who have participated here and provided feedback. We are pleased to announce that on March 24, we received approval for our special permit application and can now move forward with the next stages of the project. Your input throughout the review process has been immensely valuable and will continue to guide us as we move forward.


We will begin the first phase of construction in September 2015, with the relocation of utilities. Due to the narrow footprint and complex nature of the site, reworking the utilities must happen well in advance of breaking ground on the building portion of the project. We expect to begin construction on the building in March 2016.


We are excited to be bringing as many as 280 residential units to Kendall Square. The types of units we’ve incorporated into the building are a result of careful consideration of market demand in the area, and we’re pleased to be adding so much new housing to Kendall Square. Our research thus far indicates significant demand for smaller units, which will in turn relieve some of the pressure on existing larger units elsewhere in the city.


We appreciate the feedback we’ve received on the ground floor retail component and have been planning our retail spaces so they will be flexible enough to accommodate the uses that best fit the changing retail landscape in Kendall Square. While we are still finalizing retail space plans, we are conscious of the needs and desire of the community for a pharmacy and/or grocery concept. We will begin actively sourcing retail concepts in 2016 and will keep those desires at the forefront of our leasing decisions.


This will be the last update here for this project, but please stay tuned for additional developments in the neighborhood with our Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan project. We welcome your ideas there on public benefits, design, transit, housing, public spaces, sustainability, and commercial spaces to help Kendall Square grow. We’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Kendall Square community for the past more than thirty years and look forward to developing projects for the future of Kendall Square together.


2015 Hearing Responses

We have attached the 2015 Hearing Responses dated February 4th, 2015.  The project team will be presenting these additional materials, to the Planning Board during their March 3rd meeting.  This meeting is a continuation from our first meeting that occurred on December 2nd 2014.


On Sunday, March 1st  at 6PM we, along with the CRA, will be presenting both the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan and the Ames Street Residential project at the Kendall Square Residents Association Meeting.


Please refer to the documents located in the Information & Plans section of this site as well as the timeline for important dates.

Revised Article 19 Filing

We have revised our Article 19 filing and will present the materials to the Planning Board on December 2nd.  Please refer to the document located in the Information & Plans section of this site.

Live and Updated!

The Ames Street Residential Project page is updated with new content. We have been working diligently this year to move the project forward and have accomplished a big milestone: we submitted the Project Review Article 19 Application and have been working through the City Design Review this past Summer, continuing into the fall. We had our East Cambridge Planning Meeting last Wednesday, September 17th and our Planning Board Hearing is coming up on Tuesday, November 18th. You can find the project information, receive updates and give your feedback online. Thank you to everyone for your continued interest in this project and we look forward to communicating with you all!


City Council Approves the Project

On Monday evening the Cambridge City Council approved both the land disposition and the zoning amendment for the project.  This is a big milestone as we now have what we need to begin the design of the building in earnest as well as initiate the City’s Article 19 process.  Thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far.

Update #3

There is a public hearing at the City of Cambridge Planning Board on Tuesday December 3rd, 8:00pm, in the second floor meeting room, City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway.  The public hearing is for a proposal by the City of Cambridge to sell a 20-foot wide strip of land, which would enable the Ames Street Residential project to proceed.

Thanks & Next Meeting

Thanks for your comments at this early stage in the process! There is an Ordinance Committee meeting on Thursday, 11/7 at 4pm (details in the page's project timeline). If you can't attend, please give your feedback here.

Welcome to Ames Street Residential!

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