Phase Approved

What's Happening

The Town of Ashland is starting a planning process to revitalize its downtown. It's going to be the first refresh of our downtown area in decades.

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The first phase is design. The Town has engaged BSC to design and engineer a new streetscape for Main Street (between Water and Front Streets) and Front Street (between Main Street and Ashland Lumber). BSC will look to create a pedestrian-friendly corridor with improvements like ADA-compliant sidewalks, landscaping, benches, ornamental lighting, wayfinding, and placemaking elements. Additional upgrades could include roadway reconstruction, traffic signal upgrades, drainage/water improvements, and undergrounding of overhead utilities. Once design plans are complete, we can move on to the engineering and construction phases.

How You Can Get Involved

This initial design phase is part of a larger effort looking at improving the greater Downtown Ashland area. To make this successful, we need the input of residents and stakeholders like you! Please post comments on the interactive map and answer our short survey. You can also contact us directly at As the project progresses you can check this project website for updates and other relevant information.

We'll also be holding several public forums to update you on the project’s progress and most importantly solicit input about what is important to our community in a revitalized downtown. The first of these forums will be on Monday, September 18, 2017 at the Community Center starting at 6:30 pm. Light... Read more...