Bartlett Place

Boston, MA
476,000 sq ft
27,000 sq ft
27,000 sq ft
Rental Housing
194 units
Home Ownership
129 units

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On behalf of Windale Developers & Nuestra Comunidad, welcome to the Bartlett Place coUrbanize website!  Today May 29 is the first day of the live coUrbanize site with updated info.  We... Read more...

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Congratulations David

This project has been a long time coming!

This is very imporatnt! Not all folks using the coUrbanize web site(s) are seeing Bartlett conversations to respond to. These are serious technical difficulties because your are running two sites and... Read more...

People have to follow this project to comment and receive updates. You can only comment if you log in with your real name, thus helping in the transparency of the conversation. 


We...



As I mentioned we have already reached out to DND to change their project/url name. 


Here is the correct link for the small project review... Read more...

Please support Conservatory Lab

Conservatory Lab Charter School transforms children's lives through music and a HIGH quality education. The school will be an important anchor in this area as it will provide a nine hour school day... Read more...

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Conservatory Lab Support

As a proud parent of a K-1 student and a lifelong resident of Boston currently residing in Dorchester, I would like to express my support for locating the Conservatory Lab Charter School within the... Read more...

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Another Great School

we have three kids at this sucessfull school that will be good for all kids in roxbury and the suronding neighhoods

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I live on Seaver st in Dorchester. I do business in Roxbury every day.what do you proposed for the site Mr singleton?

Isn't the inclusion of the charter school offsetting what was previously designated space for senior housing?

I'm interested in hearing more about why the school is a bad idea, but... Read more...

Yes! to Conservatory Lab Charter School

I'm a resident in the South End for 15 years now. This is my daugther's 1st year as a 2nd grader at this school and she loves its. I definitely support the building of the new school at the new location.... Read more...

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Supporting Conservatory Lab Charter School

I am supporting the Conservatory Lab in the community of Roxbury because our kids deserve to go to a quality school in Roxbury.  My son goes to this school, He is in 4th grade and He loves to go... Read more...

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Supporting Conservatory Lab Charter School!

My son has been attending Conservatory Lab for 3yrs now and he absolutely loves the school! He has learn so much and loves playing the viola! Building the school at Bartlett Place would be ideal not... Read more...

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Support the Conservatory Lab Charter School Building Construction

Buenas tardes:  Por favor quiero su su apoyo para la construccion de este edificio donde podra estar la nueva escuela Conservatory Lab.                  ... Read more...

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In love with the idea of diversifying the community with a school like that of the Conservatory Lab Charter School.  Bringing in new life that is outside the norm works best for this community.... Read more...

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Support of Conservatory Lab in Roxbury

I am writing on behalf of the Conservatory Lab Charter School.

My daughter has gone to this school for 5 years. It has been a very warm and welcoming community throughout this time. The school... Read more...

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YES! To a great school doing great things for our community

My son attends the Conservatory Lab and has been there for 2 years now. I am more than happy with the turnaround that I have seen in his desire to learn. In less than 3 months of starting at the Conservatory... Read more...

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NO to the Conservatory Lab Charter School locating at Bartlett Place!

In the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan or BRA policy, a straw poll isn't part of the process. However, Notice of Project Change now taking place is part of the process. Indeed, a critical part of the... Read more...

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Stanford has done a comprehensive study examining the benefits of charter schools for low-income and minority students and they're very positive (54% of charter school students nationwide come from... Read more...

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As Kris Aubuchon pointed out, the majority of Conservatory Lab's student body currently consists of 75% minority students -- most of whom live in Roxbury and Dorchester.   By moving to Barlett... Read more...

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I am a long time Roxbury resident, and the parent of a Conservatory Lab Charter School student. I understand there are those who do not believe that the school itself will bring in jobs and provide... Read more...

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My daughter is in K-1 at the Conservatory Lab and we're Roxbury residents. I'm finding it hard to comprehend why the school should not be there. A majority of the kids are from the community and its... Read more...

In support of Conservatory Lab Charter School


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What are we looking for?

I challenge the community to get as up in arms about a phenomenal school coming in to assist in taking the revitalization process of Roxbury to the next level, to challenge why both the David Ellis... Read more...

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traffic lights

When are the traffic lights and two cross walk signals at St. James St. and Washington St. going to be installed?

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