community review
Phase Community Review

What's in the Works

Berryessa Apartments is envisioned as an 100% affordable mixed-income residential development that will provide much needed housing and services for low income individuals and families. This Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is located in the East District of the Berryessa BART Urban Village (BBUV) and will provide enhanced station access and mobility improvements, including multi-modal transportation options and improved wayfinding to the station area. The proposed project will be the first phase within a three acre mixed-use site, envisioned to also host Commercial/Office and Market-rate apartments.

What's There Now

The site is currently a vacant, undeveloped parcel which served as a construction staging area for the completion of the Berryessa Transit Center.

What's Happening Next

The first community-wide meeting for the project will be held on September 29th at 6:00 pm. Please check the Timeline for upcoming events and the Comments section to provide feedback and ask questions of the Development Team. Hit the Subscribe button and provide your email address for real time updates.