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Send a personal letter of support to the Montgomery County Planning Board:

Support Brookfield's Plans for Bethesda Metro Bus Bay

Dear Chairman Anderson,

I am writing to express my support for Brookfield’s plans to revitalize Bethesda Metro Center and improve the bus bay area.

The bus bay is dark, cavernous and uninviting. And the underused plaza is in serious need of more programming, events, small shops and cafes.  Montgomery County transit users deserve better.

Brookfield’s proposed plans for Bethesda Metro Plaza don’t just include an innovative approach to creating more inviting public areas and increasing the amount of open space we can actually enjoy. They also provide much-needed improvements for transit riders such as a redesigned escalator and exit from the bus bay to the Plaza above, better lighting, way-finding and pedestrian safety enhancements, more bike amenities, public art and retail.  

Please approve Brookfield’s plans to make Bethesda Metro Center a place that we all can enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration.

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