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coUrbanizer via Text

What would encourage you to stick around the plaza?

Sitting at plaza table and chairs with my family when I was asked to leave by a security guard. I was under the impression this was a public space, but he threatened to call the police if we did not move.... Read more...

1 supporter

Same thing happened to me recently with my 8 month old son. Baffling given the property owners want increased activity and laughable given we were the only ones there. Also question the legality of this... Read more...

We sincerely apologize for this. Our property management team is reminding all security team members that the plaza is available to the public for its use and enjoyment. Our security team members should... Read more...

Bethesda Metro Center

Bethesda, MD
Official updates & community outreach for Brookfield's new Bethesda Metro Center open space plan.