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    Site Plan Approval

    This is a detailed site plan showing the proposed development on a site in relation to immediately adjacent areas. It indicates roads, walks, parking areas, buildings, landscaping, open space, recreation facilities, lighting, etc. The Planning Board approves the site plan after preliminary subdivision plan approval and before building permits can be issued.

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    Sketch Plan Submission

    This is the initial application for the project and is largely comprised of illustrative plans, including building massing and height, locations of public use and other spaces, and the relationship to existing and proposed buildings and properties. The Planning Board approves the Sketch Plan prior to Preliminary Subdivision and Site Plan review.

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    Bethesda Design Advisory Panel

    We will be meeting with the recently constituted "Bethesda Downtown Design Advisory Panel" to get their feedback on our project plans. The meeting will be held at the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Building - 8787 Georgia Avenue - 3rd Floor.

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    Community Conversations

    Gathering community feedback to factor into the Metro Center plan

Bethesda Metro Center

Bethesda, MD
Official updates & community outreach for Brookfield's new Bethesda Metro Center open space plan.