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More Bethesda Open Space

It’s all about connecting people. Brookfield Bethesda will transform underused Bethesda Metro Center open space from an empty plaza into an energized spot for people to gather. This open space will include a large, welcoming and active Metro Commons fronting Wisconsin Avenue. 

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The plans will provide for more useable Bethesda open space and create an attractive and fun destination for residents, visitors and Metro riders. Meet friends at the new, street-facing Metro Commons, stroll through the pedestrian Gallery, browse the shops and cafes in the pedestrian retail Promenade, enjoy the Arts Zone and arrive at the Central Lawn. 

What’s There Now 

Bethesda Metro Center needs help. Poorly planned landscaping, inconsistent grade changes and physical barriers make it an outdated and unwelcoming space. Metro riders emerging from the station experience a poorly lit and uninviting bus bay with no pleasant connection to the Plaza. Our plans include removal of the existing 3-story building, which is unattractive and poorly located. Removing this barrier will help to make the open space more accessible.

What’s Happening Next

The Montgomery County Planning Board unanimously approved Brookfield’s sketch plan to revitalize Bethesda Metro Center in July 2018. This follows the Planning Board and County Council’s approval of the Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan, which includes Brookfield’s vision for Bethesda Metro Center

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