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Update #10

Let's Improve the Bethesda Bus Bay

The Bethesda Metro Center bus bay is a dark, cave-like space that could be so much more. Our plans will transform the bus bay into a welcoming and attractive amenity for transit users. If you haven't already, please consider sending an email in support of our plans.

The Planning Board staff has recommended approval of our plans for Bethesda Metro Center. You can see their full report here

Bus bay renovation is a major component of the project. The improved bus bay will have a new covered Metro entrance & staircases, enhanced lighting, more bike storage, way-finding, pedestrian enhancements, art and retail.  

Here is an excerpt from the staff report on this element: “The project calls for massive improvements to the underground bus transfer center which will improve both transit and pedestrian circulation through the site, to the underground Red Line and to the streets above. It will also take full advantage of this prominent location atop the Bethesda Metro Center which will significantly contribute to the mixed-use, transit-oriented district and will further expand non-auto transit use in the region.”

The bus bays are in desperate need of revitalization and your support is key to making this happen. 

Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or comments.

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