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Update #17

Great news!

As we approach Independence Day, Brookfield has great news to share.

You may know that Clark Enterprises - as part of its ongoing opposition to Brookfield’s plans to revitalize Bethesda Metro Center - filed a lawsuit last November in Montgomery County Circuit Court seeking to strike down the Montgomery County Planning Board’s approval of Brookfield’s Sketch Plan.

After seven months of proceedings and numerous document filings, the Court ruled on June 14, affirming the Planning Board’s approval of Brookfield’s Sketch Plan.

This is excellent news for Bethesda residents who have been waiting for an energized open space at Bethesda Metro Center, replacing the deserted and underused plaza that is there now.

We are currently working on our Site Plan application, which provides details on items like landscaping, open space, recreation facilities, lighting, and buildings. Stay tuned for more updates.

In the meantime, we want to offer our thanks to all of our neighbors that have stepped up in support of the New Bethesda Metro Center. Best wishes for a happy July 4.

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