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What do you like about the proposed design concept?

I'm greatly disappointed you didn't figure out a way to incorporate The Cabin in its original location into this design or campus. This new building should not forget our history.

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Agree! K. Kustra is correct! The Cabin needs to be incorporated, not moved. Simple reason for me: I served on the board soon after the millennium and worked to raise funding (quilt sales, etc.) for... Read more

Go Kathy and Diane Plastino Graves, above! The problem here is The Cabin is plain and unassuming while the great architect's library is expected to be not just a place for readers and learners but a shining... Read more

It is just too seems cost prohibitive to much will maintenance cost on a building that size? I read the original study from 2014 and the original cost was 45 it... Read more

Another cost issue is that the cabin was just brought up to ADA standards to the tune of many thousands of tax dollars.....why destroy or move it? I am for historic preservation....I can't believe we are... Read more


What do you like about the proposed design concept?

It is too big. Do NOT move The Cabin. That is an important and living part of the City’s history and fabric.

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I'm on the fence... Tell me why moving the cabin would make it any less historic for the city, or any less effective at it's mission to "forge community through the voices of all readers, writers, and... Read more

What the cabin is and where it is is the same thing. It is not an issue of moving the nonprofit The Cabin. But moving the cabin building itself, which was built by the CCC on that spot in 1939., would... Read more

OK, thought experiments are fun! The structures you mentioned are located where they are because their purpose required it, aren't they? The Statue of Liberty is the gateway to America in New York. The... Read more

As a historic landmark, the Cabin needs to be near the heart of historic Boise. It doesn't work in a new development. Even the big, old trees surrounding the Cabin pay tribute to Boise's past. And what... Read more

Hi Nicole, Great thoughts! We are working with the Cabin board and Executive Director to make sure that, whether the Cabin stays or moves, their programming will continue to flourish with easy access to... Read more

Thank you, Boise City. This is such a vague comment, though I understand it's still early on in planning. I foresee three possibilities: The cabin will be moved east of the Historical Museum and the literacy... Read more

The cabin was built as the Forester's Office and its site was specifically chosen because proximity to the river and the trees both reflect the timber history of the State of Idaho. Its location is germane... Read more


What do you like about the proposed design concept?

It would be unfortunate to remove The Cabin from its current site. This 1930s-era building is part of the visitor's welcome to the City on Capitol Blvd, and is an icon for the locals. Its log construction... Read more

What else would you like to see?

Forgot to explain my reasons regarding The Cabin. As the former Director of Education for The Cabin, I must stress the importance of the location for one of the most dynamic programs, Summer Writing Camps.... Read more

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Hi Carole, thank you for sharing this unique perspective. We have been working very closely with the Cabin Board and Executive Director throughout this process and are committed to reaching an outcome... Read more

I am all in favor of the new library, and of moving The Cabin to accommodate it. There is plenty of room in Julia Davis for The Cabin. Students would maintain access to museums, zoo, nature, etc.

When you write you are in favor of moving The Cabin, you mention students would maintain access, but I have not read any commitment from the city the intention to relocate the cabin as The Cabin, that... Read more

While moving The Cabin would be better than not saving it at all by moving to a new site it may lose some of it's historical value. Plus, this can jeopardize the building’s placement on the National Historic... Read more

Oh, I so agree! I really hope The Cabin stays put, but I don't think City Hall considered either the structure or the literary center's future when they contracted with the architectural team.


What do you like about the proposed design concept?

Please redesign the site plan with more simplicity to meet customers’ true needs. Substantially downsize the northern entrance plaza along River Street and move the building north. A smaller plaza would... Read more

What aspects would you use?

First of all, we are not Salt Lake City, nor should we try to be. There is a lot of wasted space and a lot of concrete in the proposed designs. I'm not sure I would travel by foot, car or bike to a building... Read more

What else would you like to see?

I would like to see thought and effort put into preventing bird collisions with all the glass window space. The American Bird Conservancy has ideas here: Check... Read more

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Hi Alex, thank you for sharing. Methods to mitigate bird strikes will be studied during the schematic design phase (please see the timeline) and proactively integrated into the project.

Mitigate = make less severe, serious, or painful. How about a non-all glass design. This is not appropriate design in a century moving toward sustainability. Insulate with thick solid walls. Use solar... Read more

I second Lynette. My husband worked in an all-glass building for years. 20° F difference between the sunny side and the shady side, and no HVAC system could fix it.


Do you think this design concept successfully incorporates the Greenbelt and Boise River?

absolutely not. it looks like JUMP or the EMP in Seattle. it is not complimentary

Do you think this design concept successfully incorporates the Greenbelt and Boise River?

No, I think the wall of windows will kill too many birds.

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Thank you for reminding us of the hazard glass poses to birds. I thought that southern glass wall would possibly cause blinding glare to drivers, didn't think about birds!


Any additional comments or questions are still appreciated.

$11,185,236 Let that number sink in. $11,185,236 that was buried in a consent item of a nearly 2000 page agenda packet. $11,185,236 is the amount that Boise City Council just approved for Safdie to continue... Read more

What do you like about the proposed design concept?

this building is beautiful but can but can Boise/Boise citizens afford it? On top of the current projected costs, has the city considered the cost of affordable parking for citizens? Has the city considered... Read more

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I would like to see a detailed breakdown of the $85 million proposed budget including how much has already been spent on the project; costs of renovation versus demolition; full disclosure of the architectural... Read more

A number if items are not included in the architectural costs, which is already way over budget. How does city plan on paying for this?


What else would you like to see?

more shade, more trees, less windows/reflection and a more thoughtful timeless design

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I would like to see more thought given to making the library a more practical, functional place / service. I would like less thought and money given to it's beautiful design.

Hi George, Thank you for your comment. Need for a new space is driven by function, accessibility and long-term sustainability. The building program and supporting feasibility studies drove the design guidelines.... Read more

Dear City of Boise: Your beautiful is getting in the way of the functional aspects. Glass and cement is a mistake we all made in the 80s. It's hot, blinding, impermeable to runoff, and ages badly (both... Read more

Is it true that you won't be able to "browse" books? All the books are mechanically brought out to you only upon request? I've heard this but it seems contrary to the whole point of the library which... Read more

Hello Paula, the books are staying and you will have ample opportunity to browse. We are adding an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) which will help increase our collection to approximately... Read more

What can the citizens of Boise do to stop this from happening.? It is a bird killing, glass and cement structure that is not appropriate on the Greenbelt. You say you want input, but don't seem to care... Read more

There is already a beautiful event center located in Barber Park, with lots of parking - it goes unused most of the time.


What else would you like to see?

There is no information about parking, none is shown in the drawings and the in the paper it has been stated that underground parking is cost prohibitive. There is extremely limited off-site parking... Read more

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Hi Kevin, Parking is one of our top priorities! The project team is working with an adjacent property on plans for a parking garage that include 250 spaces. There will be an additional 40-50 spaces on-site... Read more

These parking options sound workable for people like me, but are the 40-50 on-site spaces going to be close enough for patrons who need wheelchair access or otherwise have limited mobility?

Hi Sharon, we will do everything we can to keep at least the first two hours free for our customers. It is still early in the lifespan of this project; we will keep everyone posted as details unfold.

A parking garage is unpleasant to use. Adequate local site parking as is now available needs to be continued. I WOULD NOT go much if I had to use a parking garage even a block walk away.

I do go now, often, precisely because I can pull into the parking lot, run in, and leave all without crossing a street.

Have permanent parking next to our beautiful Anne Frank Memorial does not sound like an aesthetically appropriate location. And what about this Biomark Building. Isn't that on City property? Why was... Read more

Please don't forget that a lot of onsite parking needs to be disabled-accessible. As a disabled person who can't use a wheelchair, no number of ramps fixes being too far away or running out of disabled-placard... Read more

How will people cross River Street? It is already a very busy street. I would propose an elevate walkway to get to library.

I agree with the other comments re: access & safety that have been made. Even with an elevated walkway, I'm concerned that a parking garage across River Street will create gridlock between Capitol Blvd.... Read more

I think an on-site parking option was prematurely dismissed, and would strongly suggest that the City go back to the designer with this requirement. You might also want to suggest that the re-done design... Read more

Left unspoken in the City of Boise’s reply to this question is the fact that “working with an adjacent property on plans for a parking garage” translates into tearing down another historic structure across... Read more

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