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What do you like about the proposed design concept?

I'm greatly disappointed you didn't figure out a way to incorporate The Cabin in its original location into this design or campus. This new building should not forget our history.

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I agree with Kathy Kustra's July 16, 2018 remarks.

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Agree! K. Kustra is correct! The Cabin needs to be incorporated, not moved. Simple reason for me: I served on the board soon after the millennium and worked to raise funding (quilt sales, etc.) for... Read more...

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Go Kathy and Diane Plastino Graves, above! The problem here is The Cabin is plain and unassuming while the great architect's library is expected to be not just a place for readers and learners but a shining... Read more...

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It is just too seems cost prohibitive to much will maintenance cost on a building that size? I read the original study from 2014 and the original cost was 45 it... Read more...

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Another cost issue is that the cabin was just brought up to ADA standards to the tune of many thousands of tax dollars.....why destroy or move it? I am for historic preservation....I can't believe we are... Read more...

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for so many years we have watched the destruction and removal of so many of our storical landmarks and wonder where they are today. There was an article I read that stated hollowell the director of Parks... Read more...

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I think we have sufficient “shining icons” in Boise in the form of a river, some foothills, and a wonderful populace, thank you. A Massachusetts architect’s “vision” for our city cannot embelish on the... Read more...

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