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What else would you like to see?

There is no information about parking, none is shown in the drawings and the in the paper it has been stated that underground parking is cost prohibitive. There is extremely limited off-site parking... Read more...

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Hi Kevin, Parking is one of our top priorities! The project team is working with an adjacent property on plans for a parking garage that include 250 spaces. There will be an additional 40-50 spaces on-site... Read more...

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These parking options sound workable for people like me, but are the 40-50 on-site spaces going to be close enough for patrons who need wheelchair access or otherwise have limited mobility?

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What will the parking cost? $7 /hr like downtown garage now charge?

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The 40-50 spaces look to be in the SW corner between Anne Frank Memoral and the Biomark building

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Hi Sharon, we will do everything we can to keep at least the first two hours free for our customers. It is still early in the lifespan of this project; we will keep everyone posted as details unfold.

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A parking garage is unpleasant to use. Adequate local site parking as is now available needs to be continued. I WOULD NOT go much if I had to use a parking garage even a block walk away.

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I do go now, often, precisely because I can pull into the parking lot, run in, and leave all without crossing a street.

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Have permanent parking next to our beautiful Anne Frank Memorial does not sound like an aesthetically appropriate location. And what about this Biomark Building. Isn't that on City property? Why was... Read more...

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Please don't forget that a lot of onsite parking needs to be disabled-accessible. As a disabled person who can't use a wheelchair, no number of ramps fixes being too far away or running out of disabled-placard... Read more...

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How will people cross River Street? It is already a very busy street. I would propose an elevate walkway to get to library.

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I agree with the other comments re: access & safety that have been made. Even with an elevated walkway, I'm concerned that a parking garage across River Street will create gridlock between Capitol Blvd.... Read more...

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I think an on-site parking option was prematurely dismissed, and would strongly suggest that the City go back to the designer with this requirement. You might also want to suggest that the re-done design... Read more...

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Left unspoken in the City of Boise’s reply to this question is the fact that “working with an adjacent property on plans for a parking garage” translates into tearing down another historic structure across... Read more...

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