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What else would you like to see?

Parking will be a problem and will adversely impact nearby uses such as the Boise Art Museum and the newly rebuilt Idaho Museum as users vie for spaces. Additional plans for offsite parking will need... Read more...

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One of the unconfirmed reports I have heard is that the City is eyeing the block of interesting old buildings on South 8th, where the Foothills School is now, for a parking garage. So tearing down more... Read more...

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One of the many reasons that the South 8th Street / Warehouse District needs to be extended all the way to the river.

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Any new District will not stop demolition of any buildings we love. In fact, it will be enhanced by the District, since the City will want new buildings that pay greater taxes into the District.

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Expansion of the adjacent South 8th Street Historic District would provide protection for these buildings. This area is already included in a CCDC urban renewal district. The two district designations... Read more...

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