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What else would you like to see?

Forgot to explain my reasons regarding The Cabin. As the former Director of Education for The Cabin, I must stress the importance of the location for one of the most dynamic programs, Summer Writing Camps.... Read more...

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Hi Carole, thank you for sharing this unique perspective. We have been working very closely with the Cabin Board and Executive Director throughout this process and are committed to reaching an outcome... Read more...

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I am all in favor of the new library, and of moving The Cabin to accommodate it. There is plenty of room in Julia Davis for The Cabin. Students would maintain access to museums, zoo, nature, etc.

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When you write you are in favor of moving The Cabin, you mention students would maintain access, but I have not read any commitment from the city the intention to relocate the cabin as The Cabin, that... Read more...

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While moving The Cabin would be better than not saving it at all by moving to a new site it may lose some of it's historical value. Plus, this can jeopardize the building’s placement on the National Historic... Read more...

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Oh, I so agree! I really hope The Cabin stays put, but I don't think City Hall considered either the structure or the literary center's future when they contracted with the architectural team.

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