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What else would you like to see?

more shade, more trees, less windows/reflection and a more thoughtful timeless design

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I would like to see more thought given to making the library a more practical, functional place / service. I would like less thought and money given to it's beautiful design.

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Hi George, Thank you for your comment. Need for a new space is driven by function, accessibility and long-term sustainability. The building program and supporting feasibility studies drove the design guidelines.... Read more...

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Dear City of Boise: Your beautiful is getting in the way of the functional aspects. Glass and cement is a mistake we all made in the 80s. It's hot, blinding, impermeable to runoff, and ages badly (both... Read more...

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Is it true that you won't be able to "browse" books? All the books are mechanically brought out to you only upon request? I've heard this but it seems contrary to the whole point of the library which... Read more...

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Hello Paula, the books are staying and you will have ample opportunity to browse. We are adding an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) which will help increase our collection to approximately... Read more...

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What can the citizens of Boise do to stop this from happening.? It is a bird killing, glass and cement structure that is not appropriate on the Greenbelt. You say you want input, but don't seem to care... Read more...

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There is already a beautiful event center located in Barber Park, with lots of parking - it goes unused most of the time.

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