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Any additional comments or questions are still appreciated.

How many of the in favor of boise spending millions of dollars to highlight boise downtown will ever go to the new library. I live downtown boise. I will go to the library a couple of times a month. My... Read more...

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Agreed, well said. Today is the city council meeting, and their is a petition on

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Great comments. I wish City Council and the Library planning committee would take the time to read through all of the comments here.

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I agree completely with Bonnie Zimmerman's comments on Nov. 20. The proposed library is too big and too expensive. Smaller amounts of money should be spent on branch libraries like Bown or Cole and Ustick,... Read more...

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I agree with M. Thomas about the city reading all the comments. I'm still waiting for a single reply to any of the points I've raised. They only reply when they have a pat answer they feel makes them look... Read more...

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Boise isn't just downtown. We need libraries in West Boise. Where is the outreach for the other Boise residents?

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