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$11,185,236 Let that number sink in. $11,185,236 that was buried in a consent item of a nearly 2000 page agenda packet. $11,185,236 is the amount that Boise City Council just approved for Safdie to continue... Read more...

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Why wasn't a locale architect used? 11.185 million for the architect is outrageous

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Hello Paul, the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) published last fall on October 3, 2017, was open to all. Above a $25,000 dollar threshold, the City of Boise cannot limit the pool of candidates to local... Read more...

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The bottom line is the price is ridiculous over-the-top just amazingly out of touch with what and who Boise is .

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Can you tell us if CSHQA is being paid from that 11.1 million? Thank you.

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Hi Christine, Yes, approximately $5.5 will go to CSHQA and KPFF, structural engineers.

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