Main Library Campus

Boise, ID
A public center for knowledge, culture, and ideas.
115,000 sq. ft.
Arts & History Center
22,000 sq. ft.
Event Space
18,000 sq. ft.
  • Grand Opening!

  • Construction

  • Groundbreaking

  • Capital Campagin

  • Public Input: Schematic Design

    The public will be asked for input on further refinement of the design including interior spaces and parking. Dates and times are still TBD.

  • Schematic Design

    This phase addresses the The building’s materiality, construction methodology, and architectural details. Environmental concerns will be addressed in this phase.

  • Public Input 1: Design Concepts

    Public responds to how exterior design concept ideas achieve project vision and goals and provides ideas for the types of services and activities they hope to see in this new facility.

  • Conceptual Design

    “The concept phase is the beginning, the diagram, the massing and the organization. It is the foundation upon which a well-crafted complex will fully emerge.” —Moshe Safdie

  • Hire Architect

    The Safdie Architects (Desgin Lead) and CSHQA (Executive Architect) team was hired as after a competitive proposal process.

  • Develop Building Program Statement

    The building program called for expansion of the Library square footage, a space for the Boise City Department of Arts & History programming and administration, and a Flexible Events Space.

  • Visioning Workshops

    ArchNexus led a series of 7 Design Thinking Workshops on proposed uses for the library site. Input was collected from a wide cross section of library users and community members. This input was used to inform the project Vision and Goals.

    Visioning Report
  • Fundraising Feasibility Study

    During the spring of 2017, Donor By Design Group, LLC, tested the feasibility of the Boise Public Library raising $14.5 million in contributed support toward building a new main library in downtown Boise.

    Donor by Design Study
  • Performing Arts Facility Study

    The City of Boise hired AMS Planning & Research to conduct a trend analysis on the state of the art development of performing arts facilities in the nation, followed by a venue inventory and situation analysis for such a facility in Boise.

    AMS Study
  • Cultural Plan Development

    Arts & History staff developed the first-ever citywide Cultural Plan, based on input from over 1,000 people to determine goals and objectives. The need for a low cost/no cost collaborative facility rose to the top.

  • Urban Design Study

    Built as a warehouse in the 1940s, the current structure does not accommodate 21st century library programs and services or meet the needs of Boise's growing population

    ArchNexus Study