Landmarks Commission Meeting - April 27th 2023

On April 27th 2023, Landmarks Commission voted to approve the parking garage massing, landscaping, and a one-story addition to the previously approved Bridgeworks building. The project will need to come back to Landmarks to have the materials for the parking garage approved.

You can watch the meeting recording here: Landmarks Commission Meeting - April 27, 2023

Heads Up! BZA Meeting Postponed

This case will not go to the Board of Zoning Appeals next Monday due to a lack of quorum.

In the meantime, please continue to leave your questions and comments on the Feedback page.

You can learn more about the BZA process by visiting the City of Cleveland's website here.

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New Comment Topics and Questions!

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far! We’ve appreciated all your feedback and it’s helped us get a better understanding of the community’s interest in the project. To continue the dialogue, we’ve added some new questions about:

  • The zoning variances needed for this project
  • Hours for the proposed coffee shop
  • Seating options for the proposed coffee shop
  • Your familiarity with The Ohio City Ambassadors escort service
  • A proposed new spa & taking a "staycation"
  • How you travel when going out to eat in Ohio City
  • The proposed 11th-floor restaurant's happy hour

Click through these new topics in our Feedback section and post your ideas to help us continually improve the project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting on November 14th 2022, 9:30 am

Bridgeworks will present for variances to the Board of Zoning Appeals on November 14th 2022.

According to the BZA agenda, the following variances are needed:

Bridgeworks LLC, proposes to erect 15 story tower with 140 residential apartment on floors 2-10, a 4,200 square foot restaurant on floor 11, and 130 hotel rooms on floor 12-15; a 200 space parking garage; and retail use throughout the ground level the tower, garage and in a separate building facing W.25th St. in a Limited Retail Business District and an Urban Form Overlay District. The owner appeals for relief from the strict application of the following sections of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances:

1. Section 348.04(d)(1)(A&B) which states front setbacks in Urban Form Overly District are limited to 8 feet maximum; varying proposed setbacks exceed 8 feet. Setbacks on secondary streets are limited to 6 feet; varying setback exceeds 6 feet.

2. Section 348.04(d)(2)(A&B) which states frontage buildout of 80% of street frontage required, 68% frontage buildout proposed. Secondary street frontage buildout of 100% is required and 75% secondary street frontage buildout.

3. Section 349.04 which states 269 accessory off-street parking spaces are required (389 standard space requirement minus 120 space reduction for Urban Form Overlay District per Section 348.04 (d)(4)(A): 200 parking spaces are provided.

If you wish to join the meeting or provide written comment, please reach out to Secretary Elizabeth Kukla at or telephone number 216-664-2580 by November 11th at Noon. The meeting will also be live streamed to the city's YouTube page.

A copy of all written comments on the CoUrbanize page will be emailed to the Secretary before the meeting.

Bridgeworks to Present for Final Approval at Local Design Review

Bridgeworks will present to the Ohio City Historic Design Review Committee on September 15th, 2022.

This project was previously seen by the committee and approved. It is being re-presented with design and site plan changes. The residential unit count has been decreased to 140 units (18 studio, 82 one-bedroom, 40 two-bedroom). You can view the updated presentation by clicking here.

Please provide any written comments directly to no later than Wednesday September 14th at 5pm. You can also add your comments to the Feedback section of the CoUrbanize page.

The meeting recording will be made available on the Ohio City Inc YouTube page.

Bridgeworks approved at local design review

Second design review meeting the presentation can be found at 47:47 in the recording below. The local design review committee approved project unanimously with the recommendation for the design team to explore alternative brick and paneling colors. This project will need to return in the future with final signage, artwork, landscaping and final restoration details of the historic art deco building and ticket booth.

Next step in project will be to attend the Cleveland Landmarks Commission for final approval.

Access Passcode: @zxEs5!A

Bridgeworks presenting updated plans at Design Review (4/1/21)

Bridgeworks presenting updated plans at Design Review (4/1/21)

Bridgeworks will be presenting at Ohio City Design Review on April 1st.

The meeting will begin at 11:30 am.

Join the meeting at:

Also, please see the updated plans which will be presented at the meeting.

Bridgeworks presenting updated plans at Design Review (2/18/21)

Bridgeworks will be presenting at Ohio City Design Review on February 18th.

The meeting will begin at 11:30 am

Join the meeting at:

Also, please see the updated plans which will be presented at the meeting

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