Briscoe Village for Living & the Arts (BVLA)

community review
Phase Community Review
Affordable Housing 85 Senior Apartments
Theater Renovation
Live / Work Studios
Playing Fields
Turf Bowl Restoration Community Open Space

What's in the Works

Briscoe Village for Living & the Arts (BVLA) will be a state of-the-art, locally focused, environmentally respectful, and historically sensitive new community that extends the Briscoe School’s service to the community for decades to come. Our team’s redevelopment goal is to create unique mixed-use, inter-generational community that provides much needed independent living senior (55+) affordable housing and integrated wellness services, while supporting community arts and providing public gathering spaces.

What's There Now

The historic and beloved Briscoe School (and its theater) have long served the community as both a high school and middle school. The stately building awaits its next chapter, slated to be in service to our seniors in need of affordable apartments, live/work studios, an historically renovated theater and more.

What's Happening Next

Project partners Harborlight Community Partners and Beacon Communities are advancing preliminary design work. We will be working in collaboration with the City of Beverly to begin the permitting process in spring 2020.

Are You Interested in Living Here?

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