community review
Phase Community Review

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What's in the Works

The 2016 Master Plan Re-examination specifically identified the area along west Broad Street between Maple Street and Springfield Avenue as an area to be considered for redevelopment for its "investment and neighborhood cohesion/connection potential." This area offers opportunities for affordable housing, live/work units, adaptive reuse, pedestrian amenities, public art and open space, affordable neighborhood retail, co-working and office space, entertainment and community facilities." Determined to meet statutory requirements, Common Council designated the block and lots as an "area in need of redevelopment" in December 2017.

What's There Now

The area in need of redevelopment includes the Summit Municipal Building, Senior Housing, the Summit Post Office, Summit Area YMCA, Summit Free Public Library, the Summit Fire Department, St. Teresa of Avila Memorial Hall and a few local businesses including a funeral home, 7-11, hair salon, dry cleaners and a dress maker among others.

What's Happening Next

We need you - members of the residential and business community - to share your ideas about what should be built here.