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Phase Community Review
Agriculture 20
residential 46 homes

What's in the Works

Broadacre Farm is transforming the 117 acre former dairy farm at 26 Hoag Road in Livingston Manor, NY into a vibrant new regenerative conservation community development that prioritizes:

  • Preservation of open space for community recreation, wildlife habitat and restoration of the natural ecology
  • Sustainable design that minimizes site disturbance using modern homebuilding technologies & green infrastructure
  • Regenerative organic agriculture that feeds CSA members while restoring soil health and sequestering carbon to combat climate change
  • Engagement with neighbors through experiential amenities, outdoor recreation and food-oriented programming

We plan to build 46 ecologically friendly homes, restore agricultural economic activity to the property and add public spaces including a trail system. Key considerations of the design and development include:

  • Reduce stormwater runoff and improve soil health
  • Conserve both open space and permanently affordable farmland
  • Design and build homes that are sustainable and energy efficient
  • Create local jobs and generate local economic activity.

What's There Now

The site, a former dairy farm, has been a hay farm for decades. The degradation of Morris Loam soils from compaction due, in part, to past cattle grazing, has resulted in a layer of fragipan which has resulted in wet conditions, ponding, and dangerous runoff during heavy rains. All of the original farm structures including a hay barn, farmhouse and equipment barn have been long abandoned and in need of replacement.

What's Happening Next

A preliminary site plan has been filed with the Town of Rockland Planning Board and is currently under review.

Please check the Timeline for upcoming events.

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