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Phase Community Review
4 x 3-Bedroom Units
3 x 2-Bedroom Units
8 x 1-Bedroom Units
affordable housing 15 Units

What's in the Works

Just-A-Start is transforming the surface parking lot at the corner of Cambridge's Broadway and Windsor St into an affordable condominium building. The proposed building, Broadway Park Condominiums, will create opportunities for 15 families with moderate incomes to become homeowners in the Port/Area 4 neighborhood.

What's There Now

The site is currently an open surface parking lot, used by the adjacent George Close Building.

What's Happening Next

Just-A-Start is initiating the public outreach process for Broadway Park. Throughout the process, our goal is to be responsive to community needs as we design and offer the neighborhood an environmentally friendly and affordable housing opportunity. We invite you to subscribe for email updates, add your feedback or ask questions in our Comments section, and visit the Timeline for upcoming events.

About Just-A-Start

Just-A-Start is a nonprofit community development corporation that has called Cambridge home for over fifty years. Creating affordable and secure homes for families with low and moderate incomes is at the heart of our mission. For more about JAS, please visit