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Eaton Hall is desperately in need of some air conditioning and general repairs to its classrooms- doorknobs are physically falling off doors and in the summer it borders on sauna-like temperatures

201 room is always smelly and suffocating

Putting chairs out in the green space would be awesome (see Harvard Yard!!)

I am not disabled personally but i know that not having a wheelchair accessible path from the academic quad to Tisch library is not something Tufts should be happy about.

There is a path and an accessible way in on the third floor; anyone who needs this accommodation should contact the front desk in Tisch.

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There is no crosswalk in front of the Memorial Stairs, even though most people cross the street here.

There needs to be a crosswalk here, it's probably the main flow point to and from anderson/SEC.

Would be great to have compost bins next to recycling and trash bins around campus, especially Tisch.

There are no social spaces in the entire uphill campus, despite it hosting hundreds of students and being the main area where liberal arts majors take classes. There should be at least a cafe somewhere... Read more...

Tisch roof is the best place on campus. The view and seclusion right in the middle of campus is pretty amazing

So true Noah I couldn’t agree more! This would be an ideal place for a sunset silent disco in the warmer months... 😏

I will transfer out of a class if it's in Olin because the desks suck so bad. Also why is it shaped like a stapler

Stapler because some doofus in the 50s built Carm off-kilter from the Green's axis, so Olin's architect's "solution" was to make the Rez Quad side line up with the Carm axis and the Green side line up... Read more...

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I love the classroom spaces of Olin but the desks are so steeply sloped that all of my things slide off of the desk during class and it makes me sad.

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Love Carm, but it DEFINITELY needs more outlets. my computer is dying in here as we speak.

The Rez Quad is perhaps the most soulless open green space this side of the Iron Curtain. Its featureless vastness is admittedly useful for pickup games and big-tent events, but even just adding some trees,... Read more...

While the campus center is a great place to socialize and meet up with friends, there is a significant lack of space. During peak hours there are never enough places to sit or do work. I would love to... Read more...

The Latinx Center and LGBTQ Center should have separate buildings! Each Center should have its own space. Also, the shingles on the building are falling apart.

The lawn between Lew and Tilton feels like a perpetually sad no-mans land that maybe was going to be spruced up by speculative developers pre-2008, but since has become a place to either park maintenance... Read more...

Maybe putting some warm-time lawn games here could be cool? Like some sort of cornhole and ping pong type area that people can use like the ping pong table in the cc?

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I think creating some sort of courtyard with tables/chairs and Edison lights hanging from trees or across Haskell to Tilton would create a much more inviting and practical space.

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This section of Professor's Row, commonly referred to as "Frat Row", has become known as an unwelcoming space for anyone who does not support the frat houses located there. For some students this has become... Read more...

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