community review
Phase Community Review

Brown & Blueprint is a TCU Senate initiative—students asking students. We're producing a review of how we live, learn, and build community within the physical spaces on campus. From your feedback, we'll put together a comprehensive review and recommend next steps forward for a student-centered and spatially equitable campus life.

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Who are we listening to?

Short and simply: you. Specifically, we're asking:​

  • How are you building community in the physical spaces you are a part of?
  • How do you feel about your physical space?
  • In which ways might your physical space inhibit your ability to build the type of social community you envision?
  • What does spatial inequity look like to you?
  • What does a "vibrant and diverse" Tufts social life look like to you?

We are especially listening to students who feel like they are not seen on this campus, who feel under-invested in and under-prioritized. Physical space can mean your house, your dorm, your community center, your dining hall, your academic building, your Campus Center, your bathrooms, your outdoor quads—the options are limitless! ​

We are also soliciting feedback on the upcoming Capen Village development, an initiative to build 147 beds for junior and senior on-campus housing. In order to frame this community listening process with a specific tangible outcome, we are using the Capen Village as the first step in envisioning the type of social ecosystem we want to build at Tufts. We're asking:​

  • What kind of social community would you like to see form as part of the Capen Village development?
  • How do you feel about themed social housing?
  • For a themed social housing system to offer creative and equitable... Read more...

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